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    • No. I am using facts. You are using right wing propaganda disguised as logic. There is no logic that corporation will not take whatever they can get for profit. If we let them they would take 90% profit. If we make them manufacture and produce here in America then they will be satisfied with 10% profit. That is based upon the fact that in the 1950s they were satisfied with 10%.

    • Now you have done it riley. Burkie just left for Germany with his Garand and BAR to shoot 10 CEOs in the back of the head.

    • I'm using logic and you're using anecdotes. Show me a link with your Germany model. As I understand it, Germany has been shipping basic manufacturing to Eastern Europe for over a decade. They keep the high tech development because that's where the money is in a highly developed economy. It's not rocket science how this stuff works. Sheesh.

    • That is an empty threst by the rich that they ruin the ecomomy if tariffs were imposed. Other countries have tariffs. Germany has strong unions and a favorable balance of trade. 50 years ago corporations were happy with 10% profit. Now they say they are unhappy with 40%. If a corporation is not satisfied with 10% or whatever profit then let them go elsewhere as someone else will take their place. You want to lower the standard of living in America to that of the lowest in the world.

    • Tariffs don't work when unions control the workforce wages. Any additional domestic profits that would be derived from tariffs would quickly be appropriated by unions for raises and additional jobs. That sounds fine on the surface "Yeah! more money for workers!"; except that if the profit motive disappears for those with capital at risk, they will just up the prices or move their plants overseas again. Unilateral tariffs then only lead to higher priced goods and trade wars. A better plan would be to scrap tariffs altogether, making goods cheaper for all Americans, giving all Americans more to spend - both on domestic and foreign goods, encouraging more economic activity. Rising tide lifts all boats. If there is a significant trade imbalance as there often is between a highly consumer-driven economy like ours and a manufacturing economy, we could exploit those advantages to raise the standard of employment worldwide if we want, thus making domestically manufactured goods more competitive. There is so much waste in allocating tariffs. If the funds were given directly to domestic manufacturers instead of swallowed by bureaucrats, it might be a different story. If the only solution you have for creating jobs in this country is tariffs, then you'd do just as well to take it directly from every tax-paying American citizen, because that's ultimately who will pay for it through price increases. I vote no on that tax increase.

    • My Korean war vet g-pa has to wait weeks to see his VA doctor. Yeah, quality care. When I visited my WWII vet neighbor in the VA a few years back the place was a dump. Dirty floors, impersonal staff, outdated disaster. If that's the the pride of socialized medicine, I'll definitely pass.

    • Balance trade and this country will be producing real goods. The repeal of tariffs in order to increase corporate profits is what caused the problems. The solution is to reinstitute tariffs. Or every trade deal should include We buy only as much from You as you buy from US.

    • Yes, and we should wonder from whence the so-called authority to establish an interest rate was ever given to government...or their supposed lackeys-cum-controllers?

    • $3 an hour while an intern still learning. I did not get paid in grad school. Socialized medicine works for the VA. Two years ago they were rated the best healthcare in Boston. Boston has several top hospitals and 3 top medical schools.

    • Socialized medicine does not work. Kennedy's HMO legislation is what made doctors businessmen. Take away the government oversight and we're back to country doctors keeping their oath to do no harm. Why else would a guy like Ron Paul, a doctor, push for less legislation when he knows full well that the pre-regulated days only provided a $3/hr income for him as a young doctor? Because he rightly recognizes that it's the government that made medicine a business instead of a calling.

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