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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Oct 21, 2011 6:59 AM Flag

    Nice shots of Kaddafi being beaten to death

    with some off scene shots ringing out. Got to tell the guys holding the camera you can't kick somebody at the same time you're trying to film it if you haven't got a good stedicam thing going.

    Humanity meets humanity, in what I would hope would be the outcome of anyone elected who doesn't do what he's promised to do.

    Now THERE would be a motivator to Congress, now wouldn't it?

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    • Are you saying that the war with the Barbary pirates had nothing to do with Islam? Do you have any idea about the shores of Tripoli?

      Your friends love that post? No wonder the country is falling apart.

    • I KNOW that you know NOTHING about Islam. Your responses are ignorant and child like. I could care less if you find a handful of likeminded imbiciles to high five you with a few stars.

      NOBODY could be as ill informed as you and continue to ramble on about something that you know nothing about while ranting ad hominem attacks on your target-me and consider themselves as someone that should be taken seriously. You are truly a despicable man and anything you write is worthless. I wonder - how old are you?

      Google Adams, Jefferson, Churchill (I guess he doesn't count) Teddy Roosevelt and others to find their views on Islam since you think that this is some new cause of some "swashbuckling" American. Gee, I wonder who that may be? Sounds like like you get your views from TV. BTW, I don't watch FOX, it leans towards PC nor do I watch any TV for my news. I read and research. Try it. Go to click on Islam 101, its great for beginners. You have got to start somewhere.

    • Don't be such a blinder wearing dufus and turn off the propaganda from FOX.

      Two out of the three "examples" you cited had nothing to do with Islam per se and the third didn't even deal with America.

      BLOWBACK< BLOWBACK< BLOWBACK What the heck else could they be referring to anyway?

      You have no idea what I know and even so, it seems to have evolved from something more akin to critical thinking rather than adoption of ideas promulgated from the idiot box.

    • A Marine asks a question and gets an answer.

    • Bring back the public floggings!

    • It's George Carlin's message shrouded by him in education, but finally the role of wealthy middle and poor classes, given a straight up delivery mode.

    • Here is an interpretation from someone who knows better than any one on this board.

      Watch part 2 also!

    • "We didn't have a problem with the Arab world until"..... how about what Adams, Jefferson, Churchill and the like had to say about Islam and how about "the shores of Tripoli" for a beginning. Sound familiar? We had a problem in the 1780's.

      You know NOTHING about Islam's dictates, commands the concept of abrogation and still have the audacity to present you child like arguments based on ignorance of concept and history. Your ignorance amounts to total stupidity the kind o which is destroying our country.

    • You've stated the facts as you've interpreted them.

      We didn't have a problem with the Arab world until in our blind lust for their natural resources we began to act the fool which included ousting legitimately and democratically elected regimes and toppling others. Then we have the cheek to say it's all about their religion so that the US government can seemingly assume the moral high ground.

      Even the CIA, yes the CIA, has called their actions "blowback" from our interference in their internal affairs...because we wanted what they had and we think that we can cram democracy (a dangerous form of government that always leads to dictatorships*) down their throats for fun and profit.

      Add to that the efforts by the US under the Carter administration to make sure that the Mujaheddin had a constant flow of new holy warriors to battle the Russians (who also sought the mineral and perhaps opium wealth of Afghanistan) by radicalizing their young with materials published by a printer in Oklahoma.

      Give me a break.

      * Extract from the Political Science textbook used at West Point before 1927.

    • Buying what? As Turkish PM stated "Islam is Islam". Are you mad because you are ignorant of its teachings? I simply stated facts. Ignorance will not change them.

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