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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Nov 10, 2011 5:31 PM Flag

    Enough of this stuff

    These 2 topics are enough to get a headache. Some of the posts are mine. I gave myself a headache.

    Bart Chilton: "There is manipulation in the Silver...

    Premium to silver from the dividend?

    Does anyone have a good joke? Or does anyone have some stories to share about their families? LOL

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    • news i made a ice center piece for our

      dinner tonight and it turned out great.

      Used distilled water and put cranberries

      and little pine cones in it,put it in a

      silicon bake pan and worked just fine.

      Now I am looking for a water proof light

      to stick under it to make it look better.

      Prime rib was too good to be true. Hope

      u had a nice time too. dj.

    • Lots of humor here at this link my friend.



    • Um, the Emergency Broadcast system was tested by FEMA the other day. Only thing is some people heard a Lady Gaga song instead. You know, in keeping with their effiency. That's funny, right?

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      • Governments, worldwide, are incompetent. To some degree that works in the Peoples’ favor.

        Some time ago we were told a story by an airline pilot that had a contract to work in Saudi Arabia. Apparently when you sign a contract to work there you must fulfill it, or go to jail. Well he had his fill of Saudi Arabia and decided to leave, escape is a better word. So he got reservations on 3 departing airlines that were outgoing at about the same time. Of course he knew his chances were pretty good that he would be arrested if he reserved only one flight, so he jumped on the 3rd one he had reservations on and “escaped”.

    • “...Bart Chilton: "There is manipulation in the Silver... “

      Perhaps your post has been mis-interpreted, but it seems you have no problem with central banks stealing from most of us common folk with their counterfeit funny fiat monopoly “money”. If your age is to be believed you were born in 1953. You were not even 20 when Nixon closed the “gold window”. Since then every vestige of Constitutional money has disappeared.

      Some of us, and a growing number, aren’t interested in the intricacies of how to “game” the system. We know that it’s an unfair fight and we will lose. We just want to see the manipulation killed, DEAD. The way to bring that about is to continually demand Honest Money. The alternative is the death of the nation, and democracies worldwide, for that matter.

      Despite the bad press deliberately being emphasized by most media sources concerning the OWS movements (now worldwide), the following link shows there is one young feller who gets it:

      tinyurl com/anOCCUPIERSstatments (replace the space with a “.” on the address line for access)

      As far as your “headaches” are concerned, millions are having migraines over current money issues that would make yours seem like a minor hangover.

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      • Hmmmm!

        It would seem by the ratings that the funny counterfeit fiat monopoly money crowd was angered. Or was it just that those who trade in sympathy with them don’t wish any opposition to their profit potential? Yes. Selfishness will, in the short term, increase the jingle in your pockets. Long term? Not so much.

        Questions are simply rhetorical. No response needed.

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