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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Dec 8, 2011 5:25 PM Flag

    Ron Paul, straw man arguments, and the basics (SLW & related)

    The following was to have been posted under a new Topic:

    "For those of us who understand that the overarching problem of this country revolves around the the inordinate power of the Federal Reserve, it is interesting that those on the talk show circuit refuse to engage in that debate. It is becoming crystal clear that those in that camp are “captured” by Federal Reserve interests. Yet, of course, they ALWAYS point, with more that a little bit of hypocrisy, at how Republican candidates are always targeted for any sort of sesual pecadillos by the “mainstream media”, which refuses to acknowledge those of their left wing candidates.

    tinyurl com/RPandRLsANTIrpSTATEMENTS (replace the space with “.” on the address line to access)

    The above link is definitely a pro-RL link, so this tries to be an apolitical statement to highlight what the real problem is, that being the metaphorical elephant in the room. RP is the ONLY candidate willing to take on this issue. Others will decide, undoubtedly to their detriment, if the Fed really does constitute THE problem to remaining in the middle class, or sliding into poverty. Some in the co-opted OWS movement, as previously posted, DO publicly display their awareness of the real problem:

    tinyurl com/OWSrant (replace the space with “.” on the address line to access)

    Just remember that it is unlikely that Jon Corzine will see the inside of a jail cell, since as far as the Fed is concerned, he is one of them and the electorate will cover all bailout costs. It’s called “honor among thieves” (fraudsters and counterfeiters)."

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    • Yes the Federal Reserve is a problem. But big corporations’ charitable donations to politicians is even a greater problem.

      One vote can bring in a total of $180 million in donations. $180 million is $336,448 for each congressman and senator if divided equally. I am sure that there is an unequal division and some get over $1million for this one vote. In my opinion when a lobbying effort for a particular law has a large donation attached to it then it should be considered a bribe.

      Murdoch's media empire is among some 350 large corporations that have come out in favor of the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House, as well as the Protect IP Act in the Senate.

      The battle has pitted huge content generators like Disney and the motion picture industry against their online competitors, with each side reportedly spending some $90 million on lobbying efforts.

      News Corp. owns 20th Century Fox films and many television franchises such as "The Simpsons." The firm has long lobbied on the issue, donating to members on both sides of the aisle.

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      • I'd be hard-pressed to even begin to substitute the Federal Reserve and it's fraud money as the primary problem we face as a people. I say that because so many attendant problems will simply vanish upon it's demise and government, whose evil expansion it has facilitated—nay, enabled—will suddenly find itself confined once again by the fiscal constraints envisioned by the founders. Many will find that their gravy train has been derailed and as a result the financial tyranny being imposed upon the people because of the mathematically doomed monetary system will be removed. Moreover, by removing from the bankers (and subsequently the government) the misplaced and frankly evil power found in the ability to counterfeit the value of the people's labor as they've had for approaching 80 years, everyone will no longer function as slaves on the federal plantation.

        Nothing, absolutely nothing good of that magnitude would occur by simply pulling the plug on all corporations, good, bad or otherwise.

        I assert once again, that while you choose the corporate structure as the focus of your anger, it would seem to me that it is the unbridled greed of some, maybe many, but not all, of those that employ it that deserves the attention and I think the baby is going to be thrown out with the proverbial bathwater were your desires to be realized.

      • The opinion here is that you have the money concentration backwards.

        “Yes the Federal Reserve is a problem. But big corporations’ charitable donations to politicians is even a greater problem. ...”

        It’s unclear why you see it this way. Maybe because, as you said, you’ve run your own business and therefore have been beholden to the banks.

        Further the “charitable donations” you speak about leave out the fact that nearly all of the populations understanding of economics through education outlets stems from Federal Reserve influence and grants to universities.

        All thoughtful economists that support the gold standard, or any form of complete currency backing state that the genesis of economic problems stems from fiat money. Corporations are just the beneficiaries of the banksters' scheme.

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