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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Dec 11, 2011 8:24 PM Flag


    Part 1

    First of all, where does Levin get off of culpability by declaring that the Senate complied with the request of the Administration to include the language subjecting US citizens to inclusion in the Bill? Don’t we have “separation of powers”? And beyond that, what about the US Supreme Court? How can they remain silent when this is CLEARLY unconstitutional? It would seem if we have a bunch of “yes” people that bow down to the Administration it is game over. We are CLEARLY living under tyranny, and the people pulling the strings are the central banks. All one needs to do is note the membership of the Fabian Society and the pronouncements of some of their members, like David Rockefeller.

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    • Part 2

      Further, the infrastructure is now in place to confine large numbers of people. Perhaps Reagan understood this when he closed the mental hospitals in that state. Note that in the OWS movement that mass media talking heads commonly refer to those who protest in these movements as “mental cases”, “kooks” and worse. You can draw you own conclusions as to whether protestors were “plants” putting on an act to discredit demonstrations nationwide and, in fact, worldwide because of the dollar’s “reserve” currency status.

    • The Constitution does not defend itself. Someone with standing will have to mount a challenge, if the can, from possibly somewhere deep inside the American gulag.

      So, ask yourselves this: If the government begins to spirit Americans away to inter them in the bowels of the government's penal system or just to a FEMA camp, ostensibly to rot, have they raised the ante to where armed resistance is now justified?

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