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  • tburke1932 tburke1932 Dec 24, 2011 5:29 PM Flag

    Where P)aul is wrong

    Veterans' hospital access; Paul believes that the Veterans Administration should not be building more hospitals, and that VA hospitals should instead be phased out. He believes that government should pay to treat veterans in private hospitals, arguing they will get better care more cost-effectively.[257]

    He is wrong. The best healthcare in Boston MA. is in the Veteran's Hospital and Boston healthcarwe is one of the best. Not only is VA the best it also costs about 1/3rd of non VA healthcare. If you are a veteran and use VA healthcare just hope that Paul is not elected.

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    • Unfortunately, your entire argument neglects two important things...If your dollar was worth anything and you didn't have the mountain of expensive bureaucracy that goes along with the "health care" system you wouldn't need the current levels insurance to cover healthcare costs..Ron Paul is right.

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      • Actually, the bureaucracy is bought and paid for. The adaptation of the government program for Feds only requires the addition of bodies to the private sector tracked by the system in place for the folks in the Federal govt already--those additional folks are tracked by the private insurers part of the system. The huge job pool is garnered by those folks administering the system as each claim is made--but they are already in place in the private sector.

        If you think any of the Medicare Medicaid giveaways are tracked expense by expense by humans, try again.

    • Uh huh. You should have stayed in school longer, you'd learn to play with others better.

      I stood watch with 1/4 million other guys, but my sojourn was 15 years 95 clicks north of the Maginot line called the Fulda Gap in something called West Germany. It was easy duty compared to Iraq and Afcamelstain. I waded through 8 Wintex and Reforger exercises, and waited for 250-300 Battalions of Russian and German troops to come across that line and take a piece of my a s s for fifteen years. My family which accompanied me on this little sojourn had something called a non combatant evacuation plan, which allowed them to leave the country through a portal called an airport, which was also called a nuclear target by the enemy. I slogged through eight separate attacks of the Baader Meinhof gang, blowing up buildings so close I can still smell the cordite. I was eyewitness to the 1972 bombing of the Abrams Complex in Frankfurt Germany 1972. I have a sweatshirt that says "I survived six bombings in Germany 1978-82" buried somewhere in my souvenier box.

      I can do the Nicholson speech that he blew past GI Jane, substituting Germany for Korea, for real. I spent time reducing troops in Germany just as it looked like we needed more, not less support. I watched as a 2 star nearly feinted when I read one exercise play as not having replacement troops, and having to make do with walking wounded. He said, if even in exercise play, the enemy thought they could plow through us without reinforcements on tap or on the way, we were deadmeat69 times over. Sound familiar?

      This is not amateur night. I like snakes with garlic butter sauce. You shoulda grabbed a few on your way out of the mountain, they make fine eating, good source of protein, but have to be tenderized which takes a bit of banging with the non business end of a bayonet. They should be boiled first before brazing, as the meat requires a bit of work, unless you like your meat the consistency of chewing gum. After a while you just swallow the mess, and hope your gut has enough acid to make it so's you're not chitting chunks of gristle. Those are the times you'd give your eyeteeth for papaya.

      Germany was easy duty. France was down the block. Switzerland was across the border. Holland with its cheeses, and pastries, to the North. Spain and its beaches and pickpockets were $200 away as the airlines flew. The Balearic islands were little known retreats for soldiers and family.

      To you get my drift, or am I being too obtuse?

    • "People died before insurance companies came into the picture."

      People still are dieing, always have and always will.

      Capitalism works if it is controlled by the government and the people control the government. It actually was that way for over a hundred years in this country.

    • No it did not work well. People died before insurance companies came into the picture. Capitalism has never worked except for the 1% to get richer.

    • Worked well before insurance companies came into the picture.

    • Or everybody would die and the healthcare companies would go out of business. Unfortunately that type of right wing solution never works.

    • Well the solution is simple. Get rid of insurance companies. Make them illegal. Then and ONLY then health care will be affordable. Medical professions would have to make their services affordable or go out of business like everyone else.

    • As one, God Bless, on this Christmas day, all Veteran's. God bless all American's.

    • What, exactly, is your overall experience with hospital, public, private and VA? I ask because having elderly parents, well one now, that experienced both public and VA institutions and their care, I must tell you that the VA hospital in the Atlanta area doesn't have a good reputation. That's from my dead father and a number or other servicemen, particularly ones that saw time in Vietnam.

      My experience with the public sector varies, they've almost killed both me and my wife, but when you find a really good one, like Emory Crawford Long, particularly their cardiac care unit/surgery, you've found one of the best and I am doubtful that any VA hospital could touch it for the level of care and expertise in treatment.

      Ex-GIs with heart problems would no doubt be better off in their hands.

      Painting with so broad a brush as the one you selected is seldom appropriate. To point to Dr. Paul's idea to get the VA shut down to save costs and get better care for the vets on the whole as being something bad across the board is, at the heart of the matter, probably a much better solution than you might want to admit.

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      • A better solution is to use the Boston VA as a model. The professors from Harvard and Boston University come to the VA to treat patients once per week. They all have reasearch projects going at the VA. VA in Boston is both a teaching and research hospital. My oncologist, Dr Munshi, is the best in his field in the world. He is on the staff at the Dana-Farber as well as a professor at Harvard Medical.

      • Ron Paul is wrong in wanting to close down VA hospitals. It was our Government who sent our citizens off to war. We paid trillions in fighting wars. Then we built many state of the art hospitals in the countries that we aided. More funds are needed for our VA hospitals.

        State and Federal workers have great health insurance. Congress gets great free medical service. NBA and NFL players get the best medical care. We pay for all of this.

        Vererans have many different ills and conditions from being in a war zone. They should be in hospitals where others experienced the same. Most other hospitals are not able to treat veterans with special needs.

        Public and non profit for profit hospitals care about one thing - their bottom line. The same for HMOs with 2nd and 3rd tier insurance policy holders. I had said that in a post a few months ago. How do I know, I was on a Board for a large hospital chain. The games are no difficult than the games of banks and almost our entire greed system, caring about the super rich and not the tax paying middle class.

    • I wish people would rise above issues, instead of viewing the micro VA versus private nonsense.

      It doesn't matter. As long as the public remains ignorant, the lawyers rule, the doctors will charge eggregious amounts of money to insurers for unnecessary expenses and cite prudence in the wake of "liability" potentiasl. The insurers gouge the insured, and they split is with the hospitals for unnecessary procedures. Mandatory ambulance rides for those with acid indigestion. $2000 for two visits overnight by a doctor whose discussion was limited to "how are you". I just went through this nonsense.

      It doesn't matter whether private or public, it's one big fraud from getgo.

      You're only way to fight back, is expat medical procedure for every elective surgery, from tooth veneers to hair transplants and face lifts. You can't feel right flying to Malaysia for a $4700 triple bypass, versus $50,000 here in Florida, I get it. The rest is doable somewhere else at one tenth the cost.

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      • YDM: You are 100% right. Hospitals do split with insurers for non-needed procedures. If something goes wrong, there is always a cover-up. If staff questions anything they are fired. "It doesn't matter whether private or public, it's one big fraud from the getgo." Right again.

        Hospitals will take every cent that you have if you do not have insurance due to pre-existing conditions. If you are on welfare, it is all free.

      • The VA health system is pure socialistic. The doctors work for a salary and have no incentive to perform unnessary proceedures. Doctors are happier. Their saying is, "I studied medicine not business". It is true that dedicated doctors are needed for socialized medicine.

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