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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jan 4, 2012 9:10 AM Flag

    Politics: Why Bother if not Paul?

    One party panders to the rich getting richer, the other to the "we know better than you" bigger government, the only ones disenfranchised are the middle class.

    Eventually Democrats will lock up the demographic in about 16 years, as the middle class is evaporating 16 of every 100 every ten years or so. With a burgeoning poorhouse, more than half BELOW finagled poverty statistics, even hamburger replaces steak in PPI calculations.

    America looks to leadership instead of the mirror for solutions. Corporations have no negative incentive to hire, no 80% taxes to avoid by hiring workers, deducting 120 cents, with a chance at earning 240 cents. They are waiting for the first guy to blink first, hire, instead of avoiding the government hand in their pockets. We better have a lot of Mom and Pop outfits selling carwashes since we make virtually nothing except airplanes, weapon systems, and a few cars we're ignoring, buying Korean made Hyndai's--what we get for occupying Korea SIXTY YEARS. How's that working out for us?

    We elect the affable instead of the affordable and economically savvy--a Reagan we revere, though he increased the national debt from 1 to 4 TRILLION fighting Russkies, a 400% increase. We whiz all over Carter, who helped bring Toyota, Mercedes and SONY to factories in our South, because he was a wimp in foreign politics. We like guns, not butter, a couple hundred unrequited bases all over the world, fleets in Atlantic and Pacific, burning American oil, American children, to an ungrateful world with its hand out. As the Fed thinks the more the dollar is denigrated, the more those invested in its demise prosper, in the big club of drillionaires.

    That's THE big club. AIN'T YOU AIN'T IN IT! YOU ain't in the big--club. You ain't even in the middle sized club. Watch it deflate another 35% over the next decade or so.

    George Carlin was right. It's over for America. All the freedom left is decisions over "paper or plastic". An just after he died, Safeway advised, you better bring your own plastic bags.

    Usually this is where I try to figure out who, in the political sphere, is best of the worst. Paul is so head and shoulders above everyone else, he hasn't a chance, why bother?

    In 1962 Goldwater was considered a wingnut, and he wanted to end the Vietnam conflict with nukes lest we become embroiled for a decade, and lose 50K troops and 250K wounded. He lost, Johnson proclaimed it was "unmanly" to withdraw from Vietnam, so, not knowing what to do, did not seek the Presidency in a second term. And we lost 50K troops and 250K wounded.

    We don't have the guts to elect a Goldwater. Rank and file interested in soundbites, is about to get four more years of some shmuck who has as his agenda entrapment by big banks.

    There are better philosophers that say Democracy is doomed when the rank and file vote each other benefits they are no longer willing to pay for, as if the government is not the sum of our tax revenues. It is past the sum of tax revenues and what we can borrow. Soon, when the Chinese and the Indians grow past Buick Regals and Volvo's, and start buying US soil for sale at bargain prices, you'll get your $500K house to soar to $600K and you'll break even. Then you'll sell and take your $600K to Starbucks to buy a cup of coffee with it.

    Your 1971 30 cent oatmeal, now $2.95, will be $29.95. Your COSTCO $16.95 shirt, made lovingly by 12 year old Malaysian girls chained to sewing machines, will be $169.50. Your Hyundai Snotrag will be $250,000, not $25,000. And you wonder why silver and gold?

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    • It's ok to dream, but when ANYONE gets into the big house,life and idealogy changes.
      The big house can be White, it can be stark, barred & windowless. Doesn't matter.
      The warden,inmatesand their grunts read you the riot acts and what you THOUGHT you wanted to do ends.
      So,we,outside the big house just have to play the game to win, and try to help others as we play.
      Breath clean air.
      Drink clean water.
      Floss daily.
      Don't ever let 'em take away your floss.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I am always excited to encounter other intellects. It is as though my soul appreciates it.

    • Great post, Hapi! 5 stars.

    • Love Zep. Best rock band of all time.

    • I was having fun with you, building on what you'd said adding what I thought was a dash of sweet irony and juxtaposition of ideas.

      I was serious, though, about the Zep songs.

    • Haha, you guys need to relax. If you look at who I was responding to, it was the same person who posted a few weeks ago that RP had made the illuminati devil horn sign, which I thought was just a stupid post. I thought the sarcasm was a little more obvious when I added the Led Zeppelin thing. But I guess I need to be more literal from now on. Sheesh.

    • What are you, a stone age aborigine? When Bush I threw up on the Japanese Prime Minister, was he undergoing exorcism?

      Instead of totems and witchcraft, you might want to face reality. If he scratched his nose, was he referring to his shwanz? Wow you're dumb.

      The affable and likable have been fleecing America for 70 years, and when real change might come about, you're busy with the rankest of nonsense.

      It is NO WONDER the sociopaths in charge feel free to prey on America. While you're busy lighting torches and chasing ghosts and goblins, don't forget to vote for more of the same dreck.


    • Others have simplified the distinction between all the “isms”. Really what we are concerned about is whether it is the rule of law, or the rule of man that is in force. The distinction between various flavors of tyranny is the same manner in which the banksters hide their criminality using complex sounding explanations to imply they are working in the public interest in the various types of Federal Reserve operations, such as interest rate manipulations.

      All totalitarian “isms” can be characterized by the rule of man. That is why any country’s constitution has relevance by the governed. It is the guide by which all can conduct their affairs with the certainty that they will not live under arbitrary restrictions. The danger that we currently have in the USA is because the US Constitution is dishonored by the political elite and the corporations and super wealthy people who are in control.

      When criminals, like Jon Corzine, are allowed to escape justice, we are living under the rule of man. When laws like the recent NDAA come into existence allowing imprisonment, without allowing the possibility of a trial, the US Constitution is being violated. When those charged under oath to uphold the US Constitution, and do not do so, we are living under the rule of man. When those in government that understand the implications of those of our elected representatives that are not upholding their oath by opposing unconstitutional actions by the government, and meekly allow such activities to continue without making a huge issue out of it, are poorly representing their mandate also to adhere to their oath.

      On that point, unfortunately, Mitt Romney is NOT to be considered as an upholder of the rule of law, since he refuses to entertain the dissolution of the Federal Reserve which has robbed the middle class of their prosperity. The arguments that we are better off, in terms of our living standards today then in the past, are bald faced lies by apologists for the failures, and outright theft, of the net worth of each individual through the hidden “inflation tax”, which is merely the symptom of fiat currencies. Millions of Americans should not allow themselves to be taken in by these lies, even as they must have all family members working, rather than have a breadwinner and a homemaker as household members in contrast to the distant past.

      The Republican Party has abdicated their “conservative” mandate and replaced it by a soft form of socialism to appease the left. To call it appeasement is charitable, as it is more likely a basis of their belief system, since their view is that it is more important to remain as an officeholder than to be a representative of the protector of the freedom and liberties of all of their constituents.

    • Fascism is allowing corporations to control proper government functions. The Republicans favor the corporations over workers and outsourcing of government functions to corporations. Some Democrat politicians are just as bad.

    • Yeah! You’ve posted that before. But freedom is not won by a couple of martyrs, although they may be the firing cap. On the other hand Ramos and Compean were martyrs to some of us trying to protect America’s southern Border. It is won by a consensus of a large enough group to scare the bejesus out of the criminals who are in control, currently the banksters and the central bank owners. That is why, to a small extent, forums like this can attract enough others who will also come to understand how they are being scammed.

      Posted before from this screen name was a video of Mitt Romney who was forced to answer “No” to the question of whether he would rid the country of the Federal Reserve, after repeated tries by the questioner, and only as Romney was “escaping” the questions in his brand new Chevy diesel pick-up truck. Obama is much worse by the way, as he is clearly a Marxist.

      Just remember, Jon Corzine is still a free man, along with a number of others who should be in jail. If you’d like to create your own personal list be part of the solution and place it here. Until these crooks hear the clank of a jailhouse door it’s going to be same-old-same-old. Some of their crimes are so egregious that they should NEVER be let out.

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