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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jan 18, 2012 12:31 PM Flag

    If silver isn't money, why

    Silver WAS MONEY actual currency worldwide.

    Until NEW WORLD DISORDER and the darkest of the darkest, the ILLUMINATI took "control of the banking system"

    Sank liners from Silver miners

    Boosted their forests by printing FIAT CURRENCY on trees instead of producing minerals by revamping economies.

    They seduced the system into FIAT PAPER.

    It WAS backed in Gold at USA observing the Gold window until NIXON and Kissinger lost Chile.

    They went mad after IRAN & AFGHANISTAN Copper mines and Gold when ALLENDE closed Chile. (I do not spouse communism)

    The Brits exchanged USA bills for Fort Knox Gold.

    Prior to though...

    1962 Silver coins were to be USA currency, that sent Kennedy packing to the hands of the wants that wanted USA indebted. A borrower. a debtor to date.

    Silver and Gold are now industry sensitive metals.

    Barrick et al (sinister banksters) as acknowledged against BLANCHARD + at a New Orleans Court in USA, were instrumental to rig down Gold prices.

    Such is a criminal conspiracy against the economy.

    Please visit ABX'S board for more and to see the contempt of these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS 2012.

    ABX poisoned SLW books and trades 2009-2012 via PASCUA PONZI PROSPECTUS & SCHEEME

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