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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Feb 22, 2012 12:46 AM Flag


    That means

    MWR has the ability to deliver evidence of criminal wrongdoing by ABX + SLW insiders 2009-2012 at PASCUA PONZI.

    Watch and see before it is too late.

    MWR in BONUS ROUND v. ABX at Pascua 2012 will mean SLW loss big time.

    Boy o boy how the mighty have fallen.

    ABX will have to surrender PASCUA from its books to MWR very fast now.

    BONUS ROUND for MWR 2012.

    Barrick instead lost all its kitty at PASCUA + SLW's PASCUA PONZI Silver $$$$$$$

    ABX has Lost all its past abused political Capital

    Insiders are about to lose their freedom privileges for decades.

    And all of their ill gotten money.

    ABX + SLW shareholders and investors are invited to join in with MWR v. ABX insane insiders.

    Keeping a fraud alive via press will cost ABX Billions for libeling MWR + Lopehandia thus far.

    In the callous and criminal manner done, has no pardon, no mercy, no respect for the financial terrorists of ABX

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