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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Feb 29, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

    gold down $50+

    to avert loss + great loss

    ABX and cohorts resort to manipulate Gold down

    Lower coffee, wages, commissions, rice, beans, sugar, beer, wisky, tickets to football and hockey games, players salaries that way CRIMINAL GOLD MARKETS RIG MANIPULATORS

    BNN + ABX denied 100% of SLW's PASCUA 43101 yesterday

    How can you reconcile SLW's 43101 re PASCUA Chile 80% + of PASCUA LAMA minerals with this overt MARKET MANIPULATION STATEMENTS?

    Look at the coward tremble when defrauding the public @ PASCUA PONZI

    BNN like STOCKWATCH have become criminal fraud mouthpieces of Barrick.

    How could MCquori Investment guy have PASCUA Argentina side the largest part of PASCUA LAMA?

    It is like saying Hong Kong is bigger than China

    Manhattan larger than New York and most of the oranges in USA grow in the Carolina.

    Barrick trading a fraud that now main stream financial media is PROVING that BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION is now RCMP-IMET criminal FINANCIAL MARKET MANIPULATION ripe fruit.

    In my opinion rotted apples.


    Barrick is trading CIVIL RICO with SLW over PASCUA'S stolen and never owned Silver 2009 - 2012

    SLW's alibi, only helps to shutoff BNN as BNN had Argentina side of Pascua being the largest and SLW Chiles side 80% plus, so what is it going to be you rascals?

    Look how "at ease the liar looks"

    5 minutes into the FIONANCIAL MARKETS MANIPULATION is PASCUA fraud as sold by BARRICK nowadays.[02-28-12%201:40%20PM]

27.03-0.62(-2.24%)Sep 30 4:02 PMEDT