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    • The following is for the liberal revisionists of American history. There are other examples:

      lordnelsons com/bookstore/07 htm (replace all spaces with “.” to access)

    • Of course, during the colonial period, the French conspired with certain northern tribes to pillage the peaceful settlers to the south, who were, on balance, getting along with their Native American neighbors. Then the native people allied with their neighbors to drive the French and their warring native allies from the area. That is not to say, like in any population, there were not bad actors that arrived from Europe that took that which did not rightfully belong to them. They, like their French counterparts, were not welcomed by a law based society. Further, our very Constitution is based on that of the Iroquois Nations.

      Why don’t you take your revisionist history and get lost, burke?

    • Of course the typical response of all liberals, when they have no cogent arguments, is to engage in psychobabble, which is the last refuge of all heteronomous socialists.

    • All the land of North America once belonged in common to the Native Americans. Native Americans did not believe in private ownership of land. Then the white man came and took the land by force. Do you believe that taking land by force shows an intellectual and moral deficiency? Is that stated somewhere in your bible?

    • Socialism is a disease. Once it infects a host, it requires incrementally more and more socialism to support the infection. We've seen this right here in America.

      Socialism is a defective moral basis from which to accomplish anything other than further corruption. It can only exist when the sanctity of property rights is superseded by ill-founded claims purported to be superior by edict and not the legitimate rule of law.

      You either believe in property rights or accept some illegitimate compromise.

      All of this is part of the intellectual and moral deficiency I mentioned previously.

    • What is the difference between a libertarian and a psychopath? Both are without compassion for others and against social programs. Both rationalize their behavior as having always existed in human nature.

    • “…I feel relatively confident that there's insufficient time and resources to repair the intellectual and moral deficiencies that exist. …”

      It won’t happen until state governments become too indebted to pay out all the public employee benefits. And if they attempt to shore up the public sector to comply with public employee contracts it will only make the situation worse by killing their respective economies. At that point state governments will be forced to shrink along with a reduction in public employee pension payouts.

      It really is not so much a moral or intellectual deficiency, although that is a factor, as it is a survival requirement that free enterprise be allowed to operate without the constraints of socialist power grabs. So how long will that take? It could be generations, and beyond the lifetimes of any who inhabit these message boards. If, for example, Mitt Romney, or BHO becomes POTUS, the continuation of the Fed is guaranteed, and all that implies. That, unfortunately, is a really terrible future to envision as it represents deteriorating living standards overall but, considering the current mood and content of the electorate, it is a distinct possibility. Everyone should plan for that to be expected, and if it is not they will be better off for having viewed it as the probable course of events while doing their level best to prevent this slide towards socialism.

    • I nearly forgot. While I certainly understand and appreciate what you've stated, I feel relatively confident that there's insufficient time and resources to repair the intellectual and moral deficiencies that exist.

      Or as Claire Wolfe so succinctly put it, "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the (biblically sound expletive for child born out of wedlock)."

    • It's odd you should mention Washington. I was just reading about some odd occurrences there, too. It seems that the GOP cannot hold an event that would serve as a model for open and above board...either that or they are all poster children for the Inept in Politics Foundation.

      Apparently, there were some robo calls telling people that the caucuses had been postponed in some areas. In others, hand counts of the voting paperwork do not jive with the official tallies. In others still, hundreds of people were turned away.

      It's all rather bizarre, but since the seeming malfeasance is rather widespread—from Iowa to Washington state—the idea that the election process is illegitimate has to be occurring for even slow 4th graders.

    • Yes, but just how many of these types do you think are out there casting their vote? It is of some interest to plumb the depths of ignorance, or more likely the conflict of interest in support of big government by public sector employees as a panacea to current economic problems. That’s far from a scientific poll, but could be indicative of how many years, and how much inflation it will take until people, as Thomas Jefferson put it, “…wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered …”

      It seems that Romney won in the State of Washington. There are quite a few Mormons living in that state, which could be part of the explanation for his numbers there. He, of course as mentioned previously, is in full support of the Federal Reserve System.

      As far as “tburke’s” comment about small government being taken over by corporations his logic is totally backwards since the larger governments become the more they tend to try to control every aspect of the lives of the citizens of that country. The Fed is making that control expand with each election by funneling money to support their interests, which, by the way, is not for smaller government, nor for allowing risk to rest on the large money center banking corporations. The taxpayer, as we all know, has made their operations risk-free.

      If a wild guess were to be taken tburke is living off of a government pension, and we know well who in the population is thriving between the public and private sectors of the economy. If anything is fascist it is the growing size of the public sector that is sapping the life out of the American economy, and swinging elections to boot.

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