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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Mar 7, 2012 11:32 PM Flag

    Gold and Silver have no real value.

    You are correct that the courts are corrupt. In fact the whole system is. There is no point in trying to understand it, because it is an incomprehensible system based on deceit.

    That which is honest can be widely understood, rather than the intonations of Fed Chairmen speaking in the alternate universe of the bankster. Read the US Constitutions definition of money. It is understandable to all literate people and doesn’t require a degree in economics or the robes of a Supreme Court judge.

    On the Commerce Clause, this is one thing that business interests would like to see go away because it prohibits the taxation of goods that cross state lines. States would like to apply sales taxes to these and are trying their best to see that it happens. They even demand that it is the responsibility of people who reside in their states to report what they have bought from another state and pay tax on it. The problem is that they can’t legally do that without running afoul of the Commerce Clause. In particular it is the stores in the shopping malls that are spearheading efforts to collect these out-of-state sales taxes that are causing them to lose sales from shoppers that understand that the high price tags on goods in the brick and mortar stores are the result of the added cost of all the overhead which must be recovered along with high sales tax rates in many states.

    You are correct, however, on the misapplication of the Commerce Clause in attempts by the Feds to usurp power. Just don’t forget what its original intent was which is to bind the states together so goods can flow freely between them.

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    • Recently, I have received two phone calls both attempting to raise alarm about internet sales not 'collecting' sales taxes and how that puts me at a disadvantage.

      I reply to that by saying that it's probably a wash with vendors here selling outside the state while sellers outside my state are selling within it.

      The truth of the matter is that sales tax is not supposed to be levied directly on the purchaser. In the majority of states the sales tax is levied on the seller for the privilege of selling at retail, it is thus a 'sales tax'. If the purchaser was supposed to pay it, then it would be a 'purchase tax'.

      While my own state of Georgia's Code also corresponds with this assertion as verified by a state legislator friend, California's code is blatantly clear about whom the tax is levied upon.

      Might I suggest that you research the sales tax applicability where you live. I'm guessing that you'll find a similar circumstance—it's a privilege tax.

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