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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Mar 9, 2012 2:09 PM Flag

    Fiat miracles never cease

    U.S. monthly trade deficit at 41 month high.

    Most recent monthly federal deficit at all time record high.

    And now the U.S. dollar surges to 80 on world currency index.

    Go figure!

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    • Voodoo

    • Sorry to mention this again. There is a reason that the United States has a premium. As a two term military Veteran, I know of fact's that the United States has ten time's the strongest military in the world. China is a distant second.That is why the dollar is the reserve currency. However, for insurance, I have 10% invested in SLW and 5% in EUO. The reason that Iam not heavy invested in the stock has doubled since March 2009 while gas is near 4 dollar's a gallon. There is a reason why one can only get .01% in a bank. The BDI is near record low's. I will be waiting for Mr. Bernanke on Tuesday on whether to invest more or not.

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      • “…There is a reason that the United States has a premium. As a two term military Veteran, I know of fact's that the United States has ten time's the strongest military in the world. …”


        And where will that take us? Unfunded liabilities, including derivatives that are beyond even the powers of most analysts to put an accurate trillion dollar price tag on. Too big to fail, yes, until the wealth gets sapped out of everyone. Then where do the robbers go next with their “nation building”. Already the Chinese are a big part of that, but it seems that gravy train is coming to an end as they are slowly deleveraging themselves out of the dollar and buying real assets, with much of this country to be placed on the auction block. At some point the graphs of these 2 economies are going to cross, thanks to the idiots that can’t see beyond the limits of their own personal greed.

        The combined real wealth of the citizenry, exhibited by their living standards, is what makes a country great, and not its weaponry whose expense is gold plated and fraud infested. And what about those in their late teens, early 20’s? Their unemployment rate is at historic highs, and has been for years. College graduates with useful degrees are working at places like Home Depot as floor clerks. And their other alternative, of course is to accept the promises of the military recruiters for benefits that are paltry, when considering the risks. Then how are they treated if they get war injuries? Does that compute into having “ten times the strongest military”? Ask the Russians who tried projecting their power solely through their military at the expense of their living standards. Beyond that it must be asked how these military misadventures affect the sum total of people’s cohesiveness as a country. Some people NEVER learn, or is the strategy to be part of the one-world paradigm with the bankster’s owners in charge and the US Constitution trashed.

        As far as your comment, “…There is a reason why one can only get .01% in a bank. …” Do you think that it might just be that the Fed is paying member banks higher interest on their reserves? Why would any bank expect to receive higher interest on loans when they can get much more leaving it on reserve at the Fed? Beyond that the banking system is one big scam full of deceit meant specifically to confuse ordinary mortals so they can be stolen from via the inflation tax.

    • "$ Trillion USGovt Deficit Locks 0% Rate [and the decline of the dollar]"

      "Few analysts seem to report a basic factor. The USGovt cannot afford a higher rate on borrowing costs than 0%, not now and not ever. So it will become permanent. This is the New Normal with ugly warts. There can be no Exit Strategy, since the government finances dictate no change. A normal borrowing cost would mean the debt finance cost would rival the defense budget in cost, and overshadow the Medicare cost. The USGovt deficit thus locks the 0% rate and puts the USFed in a monetary straitjacket. They refuse to discuss it, but instead wiggle around with feeble explanations of its continued policy. Notice the extension into 2014 of the accomodative 0% rate. What a farce! What a tragedy! What a pathetic excuse of a central bank! A vicious cycle is underway where the gargantuan federal deficits require continued 0% costs to finance them, but the 0% cost of money has its own heavy effect and damaging toll. The biggest insurance policy to the gold bull market is the USGovt and its runaway deficits."

      Jim Willie nails it!

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      • Thanks quail; bump this one up!

        This is a clearly written article by Jim Willie. He covers a wide variety of talking points on the state of the economy, the how and why it is, and where it's going.

        Highly recommended reading.


      • The criminal greed of those at central banks is breathtaking. How long till the gendarmes apprehend them to take up residence in the prison system? Where is justice when petty thieves receive harsher sentences than those stealing billion$? (Jon Corzine comes to mind.)

        The risk might not be so much that that they’ve done this in the past, but that they continue to rob with ever grander heists in which the end result will be some sort of global meltdown more deadly than the release of many hydrogen bombs over populated areas.

        Isn’t it interesting that these sycophants of our “doctors of democracy” continue to act like they are brain-dead by failing to openly confront these inconsistencies?

    • If all of the world's fiat currencies were one big turd the US dollar would be near the clean end.


    • How does it go.....??

      If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck??????????

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