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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Apr 8, 2012 9:50 AM Flag

    Happy Easter and Passover Everybody

    You know I don't believe in godheads, but I do believe that things that make people happy and don't hurt anybody else are wonderful, the way a movie, however fiction, leaves you with a sense of wonder or joy.

    Today I concentrate on that part of it.

    Happy Easter and Passover. If there is any redeeming value in these fictions, it is the gathering of loved ones and the bonds of family.

    Now THAT's something I want to believe in.

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    • Jesus dying on the cross was not fiction. It is a fact. That he was seen afterward by many, why would anybody go to the trouble of making up such a story at the risk of death? There was nothing to gain. I don't wish to convince you, but dare you keep an open mind and heart.

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      • Billywilly, don't waste your breath. Anything you say will be met with name calling and hatred. Should the servant be above the master? No. They will know very, very, very shortly.

      • -----Jesus dying on the cross was not fiction. It is a fact. That he was seen afterward by many, why would anybody go to the trouble of making up such a story at the risk of death? There was nothing to gain. I don't wish to convince you, but dare you keep an open mind and heart--------

        You obviously have never taken an elementary course in logic, and you have no concept of the definition of "facts". You are probably one of those lunatics who spot Jesus on a graham cracker or in a cloud formation. Just how fu-king dumb can one get and still be considered human.

      • I have no doubt Jesus existed, served as a rabbi, died on the cross, and was one of many contenders for the role of messiah during the turn of the millenium 2000 years ago.

        My mind is open to all of the great mythologies of the earth for which this is one. We are a sentient animal in search of why, and where we go if anywhere after we're dead.

        I think those things will take care of themselves without having to choose up sides, as if the adaptation of a particular godhead were some kind of stickball game where winning and losing sides are chosen.

        To each his own, which is the whole point.

    • You will soon see how fictious it all is. God bless and good luck with that.

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      • Won't we all? In the meantime, get your explanations ready for bombing camel jockeys out of existence for Jesus, buying that COSTCO shirt for $19.95 sewn by some 14 year old Malaysian girl chained to a sewing machine, and telling that high school chick you love her as long as you get yours.

        Isn't it funny, I don't have any of those heavenly qualifications, and all you have to do is believe in just the right God, like some kind of Western Al-Kaida who has chosen up the right "side" in this "game" of who has the right godhead.

        Good luck with that.

      • -------You will soon see how fictious it all is. God bless and good luck that--------

        The world is full of lunatics. America, especially, is populated with a majority of clueless individuals who march to church on Sunday with the bible prominently displayed to impress the neighbors and to hopefully make a statement. While just about everything advertised includes sexual suggestions and/or suggestive pictures, a national uproar is created when a female exposes a bare breast for a split second on national television. Americans are the most hypocritical people on earth and one church in the entire country could easily accommodate all who truly believe. Even the preachers don't believe the crap they are preaching but the collection plate is the reward for a couple of hours of BS every week. God and Jesus - the escape for con men, idiots, brain washed ignoramuses and other useless creatures.

    • Thank you for the nice holiday wish. I am saddened by all the hateful messages that followed.

    • That's correct. The people that believe in an invisible man up in the sky who has nothing to do but listen to you ask him to change the "divine plan" so that you can get your hand up the skirt of the chick at the checkout, watch while your kids are sent off to war for no reason whatsoever, turn the other cheek and spread the other two for pedophile priests with one hand in the collection plate and another up an alter boy's pants, those are the normals who take a 2000 year old testament and hearsay for the word of divinity, you're all normal.

      The rest of us have to live in this asylum. I just wanted to wish those who have the burden I just described a nice holiday if it gives them solace.

      Sorry if I upset you. You seem to think the above is the way of normality.

      Now you're upsetting me.

    • George Carlin was my preacher. Place in your search - George Carlin - church and religion.

    • Yeah, I'll be listening to someone who described himself as having had a decades long struggle with cocaine, alcohol and marijuana. As someone who avoids those substances because of the deleterious effects on the brain and on one's life in general, I respectfully decline your offer. But you go ahead.

    • If you strain your truths through the piousness of others before listening, you certainly must feel bad for those preaching the gospel with 1000 years of pedophilia hidden by the church. I guess they must all be hearing it wrong, or wrong stuff.

      I guess you have to hear it from the pious before you think water is wet. If Hitler says water is wet, it must be dry.

      Yours is the same problem of ages gone by and spoken to by the Greeks, it's called an ad hominem argument, or arguing about who said what, instead of whether the truth was in the statement itself.

      I would suggest with your line of thinking, you can't admire the Sistine Chapel because it was painted by a guy who liked boys. You don't have much respect for the idea of an FBI, because it was started and run by a closet homosexual named J Edgar. Or how about those perverts Aristotle and Homer? Those guys all had problems. And how about Hemingway? His writing must have stunk, because he wrote most of it under the influence of alcohol.

      And he killed himself at 64--wow, a mortal sin! Talk about wiping the whole lifetime of writings away!!

      It must be easy being you. On the other hand, NOT.

    • I was trying to be nice, and will not be swayed from trying to be nice, but it's going to be winter sooner than this thread will end.

      Since I started it, I'm calling time. FWIW.

    • I agree Meat.
      Those sinful Bible teachers are the worst.
      I hates them to pieces.

    • My my, fat, sweaty kid in the schoolyard dissolves into tears and obscenities and name calling. Typical of bullies.

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