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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer May 27, 2012 6:56 PM Flag

    OT: Is Paper Money Constitutional?

    “…I want my three semester hours.” And your final grade is A+.

    Listening to a financial problem today it was amusing to hear a caller (who probably lied about the subject of his call to the screener) mention his PM investments, which were quite large as insurance against monetary loss in his retirement account. He literally got mocked off the air and (apparently) the call screener got his instructions to not let any more “goldbugs” to air their requests for advice. Another one did get through with similar treatment as a total “nut” when citing their concern that the dollar was likely headed for MUCH lower valuation. Of course the program’s “expert” cited the early 1980’s valuation of gold, for example, comparing it to the late 1990’s as an example of how truly risky PM investments are, and why they should be considered such a disappointment to those who invest in them. Of course there was no discussion of the manipulation that caused PMs to underperform during the above period of time.

    It is encouraging that more people are voicing publicly their concerns over the direction of counterfeit currencies issued by governments. And it is equally revealing the backlash from those charged with using brow-beating tactics to defend all the funny money in circulation and most paper based investments. It is obvious, as well, that these defenders of monopoly money have been placed in their bully pulpit by the bankster class to broadcast widely propaganda in support of the same.

    It is sad that people who take advice from the above mentioned are going to be big losers down the road long after these “expert” financial advisers have disappeared from the broadcast media.

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