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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jul 22, 2012 10:55 PM Flag

    Who wants to donate for the Colorado killer's defense fund?

    MIRANDA and the right to counsel don't have anything to do with Liberal or Conservative anymore. They have to do with the rights of the individual, or, without them, we just get to be the equal of the jackboots or wimps, take your pick.

    If you don't think Catholic Priest celibacy doesn't strain the crowd for weirdos and pedofiles, you ought to see what unbridled authority breeds when it reports for duty in uniform, but doesn't rest on process.

    "You have the right to be stupid. What you say aint gonna be much."

    Martin Riggs Lethal Weapon, 1988.

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    • Ahhhh...and that is the crux of the issue. How does one define "due process"? How far does society go in the expense of protecting the "accused" rights? Does anyone set limits on defense attorneys making motions for additional funds for experts and investigators? Judges are reluctant to do so....and so they don't. And who pays when the budget is exhausted? Not the judge and not the defense lawyer. It is the taxpayer's burden!

      Why do prospective jurors have to answer numerous personal questions (voir dire) during the jury selection process (under the threat of contempt proceedings) and waste innumerable hours of personal time with family and work when the "accused" has the "right to remain silent" throughout the course of an entire trial.

      Oh yeah! We need to spend the bucks in every godforsaken case to prove that "justice" leaves no stone unturned. Otherwise, someone might accuse us of wearing "jackboots" during the off hours.

      Some things never change....until the money runs out.

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