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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Jul 22, 2012 10:46 PM Flag

    Who wants to donate for the Colorado killer's defense fund?

    Well...perhaps nobody but that does not mean taxpayers won't be forced to donate for this guy's defense. It's called taxation!

    Sadly, the good people of Colorado will now have to cough up several hundred thousands of dollars to reward this psycho shooter for his deeds. Even though he has a Public Defender assigned to his case, those guys services do not come free. And their first objective will be to hire "expert" psychiatrists,
    psychologists, and other pseudo experts to explain why this poor fellow arrived at this state where he massacred total strangers including children. It's called, in legal terms, mitigation! Any good liberal criminal defense attorney worth his salt will certainly be willing to spend untold numbers of taxpayer dollars (free money for a criminal defendant guaranteed by our constitution!?) to put on a good show for this demented idiot. And then you have the cost of prosecution, court expenses, lost time for a sitting judge to hear real cases in litigation, police officer witnesses and all those "living" victims having to take time off to re-live this event in a courtroom before total strangers, jurors wasting their time for weeks listening to horrific facts and then defense B.S. Plus, this jerk (he calls himself the "Joker"?) can pull any shenanigan he wants during the course of his trial because he is guaranteed his "public forum" to face his accusers and conduct any "defense" he can come up with. I say just feed the guy a 37 cent bullet through his upper palate and be done with it.

    I do not give up hope. I suggest we are approaching a time in this country where absurd things like spending untold resources on behalf of those who prey on the good citizens of the community will be drastically curtailed. How many cities will have to go bankrupt, states going belly up, and the Federal government finally realizing it's dwindling tax revenues will not even cover the interest on existing debt that is totally unpayable.... before changes in spending arrive? The spending spigot will be turned down, if not turned off, in the not too distant future. And then revisions will have to be made. Does the government continue all it's social welfare programs including food stamp
    programs for the hungry, continue to pay promised golden pension plans to government retirees, pay for the newly created right to free medical attention, or......eliminate the billions of tax dollars spent annually on the criminal defense of rapists, murderers, and thieves. Currently, those left-wing dingbats
    supporting unlimited defense budgets for criminal defendants would argue that society must set the predators free if you cannot afford to provide them a "legitimate" defense (by who's standard?) in a courtroom. This, they will argue, will insure that no "innocent man" will be unjustly punished for something that cannot be proven "beyond a reasonable doubt."

    Watch out, "liberals"! Setting all those predators free might mean they come breaking through the liberals' front doors as well as the rest of us to take what they want as there will be no consequences. A liberal should be careful on what he wishes for! I seriously doubt that our forefathers envisioned our
    "constitution" would be interpreted to assure anarchy of the worst kind for the country. Go figure!

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    • Profilers are into this Joker computer right now. He posted on many game boards which as of this weekend have been shut down. One game, not ironically, is called 'Rubber Room'.

      From his postings one could see that he enjoyed insulting and making fun of others. He never posted on topic as his remarks were to agitate others. He was a control freak often quoting others in an insulting way.

      In one post he said in response, in an arrogant way, that liking the color red was dumb. The person mentioned yellow, not red. He was often removed, but wanted to challenge others that he thought could see right thru him. He always attacked gamers that used some type of logic - mostly out of the box thinkers.

      Banking specialists know how to compute trading programs and partner themselves with some, while going to a different matrix against others and the sentiment of the herd. The movie 'Fracture' is a good example. I think that Quail and others wanting a quick trail and justice is needed.

    • Looks like Alex Jones votes for the experimental drug route--with the evil gubmint at the bottom because Holmes shrink is some Moriarity type from the gubmit previously involved in Timmothy Oyvey's life pre his foray into terrorism.

      I like brain tumors, but I gravitate towards the Jekyl Hyde thing with drugs. I had it he was experimenting all by hisself.

      The plot sickens.

    • It is amazing that there are those who would risk life and limb, just to legitimatize their manhood, but when it comes to standing up for the values that, at least on paper, represent this country as a beacon to others in other parts of the world, they can’t distance themselves fast enough.

      That is NOT philosophy. That is reality. And it argues against defending anyone that clings to the stupid belief that people are not responsible for their actions. Clearly that is an argument against those who encourage increasing irresponsibility with the “rubber room” defense.

      Is irresponsible and bizarre behavior linked to fiat money? You be it is, because most honest money is only obtained through personal responsibility since the downside is impoverishment and worse.

    • you are spot on as always.

    • Tom Miler is a KKK skinhead

    • Tom Miler is a neo-Nazi skinhead

    • -----------you philosiphers should finish this string, thread.
      rubber wallpaper rooms for everyone-------------

      "PHILOSIPHERS" - ?? Instead of staying awake trying to impress (most unsuccessfully) it would be more productive if you learned to speak English. I mean, command of just one lousy language doesn't seem asking too much. But, since you obviously lack even that basic talent, at the very least have the courtesy to refrain from exposing your stupidity and forget posting silly comments on these MB's.. But then again, maybe I am expecting way too much from a grunt.

    • you philosiphers should finish this string, thread.
      rubber wallpaper rooms for everyone.

    • Yeah maybe we should hang everybody that 3 other peopale point at and say he did something wrong ! Oh we tried that in 1692 it was called the Salem Which trials !!! That is why we have a Constitution !!!

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