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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Jul 22, 2012 10:46 PM Flag

    Who wants to donate for the Colorado killer's defense fund?

    Well...perhaps nobody but that does not mean taxpayers won't be forced to donate for this guy's defense. It's called taxation!

    Sadly, the good people of Colorado will now have to cough up several hundred thousands of dollars to reward this psycho shooter for his deeds. Even though he has a Public Defender assigned to his case, those guys services do not come free. And their first objective will be to hire "expert" psychiatrists,
    psychologists, and other pseudo experts to explain why this poor fellow arrived at this state where he massacred total strangers including children. It's called, in legal terms, mitigation! Any good liberal criminal defense attorney worth his salt will certainly be willing to spend untold numbers of taxpayer dollars (free money for a criminal defendant guaranteed by our constitution!?) to put on a good show for this demented idiot. And then you have the cost of prosecution, court expenses, lost time for a sitting judge to hear real cases in litigation, police officer witnesses and all those "living" victims having to take time off to re-live this event in a courtroom before total strangers, jurors wasting their time for weeks listening to horrific facts and then defense B.S. Plus, this jerk (he calls himself the "Joker"?) can pull any shenanigan he wants during the course of his trial because he is guaranteed his "public forum" to face his accusers and conduct any "defense" he can come up with. I say just feed the guy a 37 cent bullet through his upper palate and be done with it.

    I do not give up hope. I suggest we are approaching a time in this country where absurd things like spending untold resources on behalf of those who prey on the good citizens of the community will be drastically curtailed. How many cities will have to go bankrupt, states going belly up, and the Federal government finally realizing it's dwindling tax revenues will not even cover the interest on existing debt that is totally unpayable.... before changes in spending arrive? The spending spigot will be turned down, if not turned off, in the not too distant future. And then revisions will have to be made. Does the government continue all it's social welfare programs including food stamp
    programs for the hungry, continue to pay promised golden pension plans to government retirees, pay for the newly created right to free medical attention, or......eliminate the billions of tax dollars spent annually on the criminal defense of rapists, murderers, and thieves. Currently, those left-wing dingbats
    supporting unlimited defense budgets for criminal defendants would argue that society must set the predators free if you cannot afford to provide them a "legitimate" defense (by who's standard?) in a courtroom. This, they will argue, will insure that no "innocent man" will be unjustly punished for something that cannot be proven "beyond a reasonable doubt."

    Watch out, "liberals"! Setting all those predators free might mean they come breaking through the liberals' front doors as well as the rest of us to take what they want as there will be no consequences. A liberal should be careful on what he wishes for! I seriously doubt that our forefathers envisioned our
    "constitution" would be interpreted to assure anarchy of the worst kind for the country. Go figure!

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    • MIRANDA and the right to counsel don't have anything to do with Liberal or Conservative anymore. They have to do with the rights of the individual, or, without them, we just get to be the equal of the jackboots or wimps, take your pick.

      If you don't think Catholic Priest celibacy doesn't strain the crowd for weirdos and pedofiles, you ought to see what unbridled authority breeds when it reports for duty in uniform, but doesn't rest on process.

      "You have the right to be stupid. What you say aint gonna be much."

      Martin Riggs Lethal Weapon, 1988.

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      • Ahhhh...and that is the crux of the issue. How does one define "due process"? How far does society go in the expense of protecting the "accused" rights? Does anyone set limits on defense attorneys making motions for additional funds for experts and investigators? Judges are reluctant to do so....and so they don't. And who pays when the budget is exhausted? Not the judge and not the defense lawyer. It is the taxpayer's burden!

        Why do prospective jurors have to answer numerous personal questions (voir dire) during the jury selection process (under the threat of contempt proceedings) and waste innumerable hours of personal time with family and work when the "accused" has the "right to remain silent" throughout the course of an entire trial.

        Oh yeah! We need to spend the bucks in every godforsaken case to prove that "justice" leaves no stone unturned. Otherwise, someone might accuse us of wearing "jackboots" during the off hours.

        Some things never change....until the money runs out.

    • Don’t worry. The shrinks are vying for the opportunity to represent Holmes, even as Holmes will be putting on an academy award act to extricate himself from the death penalty. That is “justice” in America. It’s all part of the overall strategy to destroy the country through the “Justice” system by removing personal responsibility from the mix. If there was real “justice” Holmes would have a speedy trial and be executed. That would, at least, remove the possibility that Holmes, or perhaps a future copycat, will try to replicate the act.

      Next to come will be alteration/removal of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. How do we know that gun control advocates did not conspire to create the whole unholy incident as a way to only allow guns in the hands of governments? Historically how has that turned out with massacres by armies against citizen protestors past and present? Syria, anyone?

      If you want to get a generalized professional opinion on the above, Google Thomas S. Szasz.

    • Isn't he supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in the American system of jurisprudence? You would likely want the same consideration.

      Already others are stepping forward and saying something is fishy. I'm reminded of the mind control/black ops that was discussed being involved with the murders at Virgina Tech a few years ago and the covert government operations there in Blacksburg.

      Now we have another anomalous murderous situation crop up in Colorado where it just so happens fed/gov, moving away from the coastlines in preparation for who knows what, has ensconced itself with likely the same capabilities.

      Subject: Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged


      Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged Friday, July 20, 2012 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of (See all articles...)


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      • I normally avoid getting involved in this kind of way-OT discussion, and the flak I'm likely to get to get for this comment will remind me why. But there IS something very fishy about this whole story. (For starters, check out moses_on_waters' links.) I'm suspicious of conspiracy theories in general, but I can't help seeing a lot of similarities here to Mark David Chapman (John Lennon's assassin), who a great deal of evidence indicates was the product of a government mind control program. (The Colorado killer just happens to have been a neuroscience student, but of course that's just another one of those inexplicable coincidences, isn't it?)

        But let's assume for the moment this was simply another in an apparently endless series of "lone nuts" empowered by a massive arsenal of weaponry. I have no problem with a swift trial and summary justice for this clown, but I'm rather glad they caught him alive. I live 8,000 miles away from Colorado, but even here in relatively boring New Zealand, you can't get away from having to hear about it every time another wacko back there "one sandwich short of a picnic" grabs a semi-automatic off the shelf and goes trophy hunting at the local mall or schoolyard.

        Think about it. This guy's picture is being shown over and over on the front page of every newspaper and broadcast on every news program in the world. I hope he lives long enough to explain why he committed this atrocity, because it's blatantly obvious that it was in order to secure the 15 minutes of fame that the world's media has so generously showered upon him. There will probably always be lunatics ready to martyr themselves to become heroes in their own imagination. But if promoting mass insecurity and fear aren't part of the corporate agenda - whether intentional or otherwise - then why is it necessary to constantly make worldwide celebrities out of them, and pander to the copycats that seem to inevitably follow?

        The "Joker" indeed. I'm afraid the joke is once again going to be on us, folks.


      • “Isn't he supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in the American system of jurisprudence?...”

        Your views are “creepy”, to say the least. Have you any doubt?

    • I said this elsewhere last week--Altho he spent $15K on incendiary devices and weapons, I believe he either couldn't get a job and got disgruntled during his doctorate (doctorates without experience are more unemployable not less) and snapped at the prospect OR, was experimenting with substances and went Jekyl Hyde on us. OR, some chick jilted him, however far fetched that might be.

      Nobody has offered the brain tumor explanation either. I'll play that too. I don't care where the fault lies, I just want to know, WHY.

    • I cannot follow your logic. My entire argument is predicated on the idea that everyone deserves their day in court. I'd want it for myself and would extend it to others. But if this person has a court appointed lawyer, they're screwed from the get go. Such representation is merely meant to create the impression of fairness. I've sat in enough courtrooms and watched that ballet enough to know.

      Bar card holders can do nothing to irritate the court IF they want to keep their membership in that club.

      As I read the stories about this person's countenance in the court this morning, I cannot help but ruminate on the idea of what it would be like to awaken from some drug induced state of mind to discover that I was being arraigned as a mas murderer.

    • Stop taking drugs and you do have to worry about awakeing from a drug induces state.

      His mother knew he was nuts and was not surpeised. All the nut houses are closed and there is nothing that can be done with a nut before they kill.

      Not many normal people habe brightly colored orange hair. I know a few who do and they are nuts.

    • “I cannot follow your logic. …”

      Yes you can. You just don’t want to admit it.

      It seems that some time ago you indicated that you were a public school teacher. Isn’t that where currently a kid can no longer be a kid, and at the first indication of getting on the teacher’s nerves the Ritalin squad is employed on the kid, rather than the hickry stick, a discussion with the parents or a ticket to the local reform school?

      School days, school days,
      Dear old golden rule days.
      'Readin' and 'ritin' and 'rithmetic,
      Taught to the tune of a hick'ry stick.
      You were my queen in calico,
      I was your bashful barefoot beau,
      And you wrote on my slate,
      'I love you, Joe,'
      When we were a couple of kids.

      This is the world of today, the world of the therapeutic state that creates monsters like Holmes. Ask yourself why it wasn’t that way back then. The contention here is that most societal problems can be traced directly to fiat money, or as G. Edward Griffin wrote, concerning the Fed:

      • It is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives.
      • It is a cartel operating against the public interest.
      • It is the supreme instrument of usury.
      • It generates our most unfair tax.
      • It encourages war.
      • It destabilizes the economy.
      • It is an instrument of totalitarianism …”

      Pay close attention to the 5th item concerning destabilization, which extends far beyond just “the economy”.

      Most cannot make the connection, but now when both parents have to work to make ends meet to satisfy the Creature’s greed the conclusion should be obvious. Human behavior would change drastically, for the better, if the Fed was disbanded and its fiat money replaced by commodity money (specie). In the meantime people need to act civilized, and not like barbarians, or suffer the consequences. It’s called personal responsibility, which means theatrics do not absolve perpetrators of their criminal behavior.

    • Now it is coming out that the Colorado shooter was Autistic. He had Asperger Syndrome.

      This illness is triggered by chemicals in the water.

      There are people on this board with the same illness. You can tell by their paranoia against the government and lack of empathy for the poor.

    • Being offered one's day in court is not a "reward".

      Pathetic, simply pathetic.

    • an event just as sad as the one in Colorado happens hourly in Syria , why don,t you talk about that?

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