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  • lemmeknow23 lemmeknow23 Aug 10, 2012 12:03 PM Flag

    A red flag for all holders

    I was refused a question on the call...My question was pertaining to Pascua lama and the lack of clear title by Barrick...There was no explanation why I was refused. I am not an analyst nor from a brokerage firm just a concerned investor...Something doesnt smell right here!!!

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    • If Barrick took the advice of many organizations, they would have contracted with a large mining and drilling corporation a year ago. They would now be six months into the drilling process for water and we would not be seeing a one-year delay, which is now going to be longer because of their greed and the glacier situation. As it stands now, deep water drillers are booked and Barrick is not even on a waiting list.

    • Sonya, when a lemming comes alongand touts how he'sbeen long BUT now he's worried.And his identitie(s)show a historyor being a tad negative.....AND he is a professional amateur who buys stocks at their lows.....ya know what he's tryin to do.
      Either he gets paid to bash OR, just as likely, he's got a Napolean complex.He's a little fella, and I don't mean his height!

    • How would they have known what your question was before you asked it? All they ask is your name and the name of your company. Not what your question is. Why are your lying about them not taking your question because of the nature of the question?

      SLW takes only a fraction of the questioners and yes mostly form analysts and brokerages. Back in 2005 no one asked anything and they took all questions.

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      • Speak English and dont call me a liar....I was asked the nature of my question...I told them Pascua Lama and Barricks supposed title...I am sure they wanted to know what the nature was because I am not associated with a brokerage house and are filtering the "GREAT QUARTER GUYS" THROUGH and the hardball questions out!!!A RED FLAG IN MY BOOK!!!

        Anyway...Ive been a holder from the high 3's and just recently (last 6 months) started to feel concerned all is not what it seems at SLW....

    • Ya red flags when companies beat on top and bottom lines LOL.... Oh by the way silver has more value then paper! Just thought I would let you know! Of coarse the paper is back up by such truthful people Hee Hee!

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      • And what you hold here is nothing but paper and hopes of future paper gains....If your not holding many kilos of bullion you ARE NOT PLAYING IN THE SILVER MARKET....

        As far as Pascua lama not affecting SLW's future growth better look a little closer at the plan B anf the lack of the 9 million ounces per year for 5 years...They will get their cash back at best and may not even be able to get that do to Barricks huge debt load(14 BILLION).Barrick directly affects SLW's stock price be no mistake about that....SLW has been given a premium multiple due to their streams at pascua Lama!!!!

    • Pascal Lama will not be a drag on SLW.It's all baked in.
      I never cared for Pascal Lama, nor do I care for his offshpring, Lorenzo. But he is also a non-entity and has no bearing on anything.
      The $5 and $400 on this recent deal is the new normal for them. More would be great, if you believe in the toothless fairy. She gathers up all the PMs these days as fiat will trade for the soon to be elusive $60 veal chop.
      Central banksters quietly acquiring gold. Bank on it.

    • Call them back and ask how do they know that their contracted partner can supply 80 gallons of water per second. Then call an international mining water drill company and ask them how long would it take to drill enough very deep wells for supply. Ask them if they need to drill thru solid rock. We are talking a lot longer than just one year.

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      • I don't have a problem with SLW but I do with Barrick. Over the years this company has had the habit of misrepresentation such as the way people were treated in Tanzania. One important investing point when investing with a miner is the honesty about projects that are underway. Barrick has issues with water and pollution, and those problems must be addressed in a responsible, ethical way. There are 70,000 farmers employed in this region. Their health and livelihood is at stake.

        Barrick needs to drill deep wells for their water supply. This will take some time.

        Most of my research is never done just by computer. A good investor will reach out to other sources supplied by professionals.

        H.Prophet (s.a.w) Say’s: “You cannot treat people by means of your wealth; hence, you should treat them by means of your moral conduct”. On this board just about every other post is about conduct and fairness. If one overlooks this then they are no different than the Wall Street bankers and many politicians.

    • The business of supplying stream that belongs to ABX probably means ABX is the right place to go for comment. SLW is literally downstream, and would be dragged into the litigation and issues if it were to comment on another person's puka.

      ABX has a concord with SLW to supply an alternate plan B--the three other mines, or the 650M back, and took the best way out, the three mines so as not to upset the fragile perception you are talking to right here and now.

      If you feel antsy about those three mines willingness or ability to perform, you have to track that at its source.

      No comment doesn't mean bad news, it sometimes means, go to the source, and yes, there may be bad news but it isn't our place to state the issues.

      That's why your call wasn't taken in this venue.

      Venue think differently, post, but yes, there are issues, and if you need issue free investment, there is always the money market funds. No offense.

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