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  • investorzzo investorzzo Aug 10, 2012 9:59 PM Flag

    Red alert it's open season on all customer funds

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    • --------------YDM, offers great commentary, You offer little of value-----------------

      YDM's "great commentary" is directed towards the not too bright TV crowd. His commentaries have neither any great depths or any social values, but he probably does the very best he can. As long as gets accolades from the herd he will continue his daily dribbles of "wisdom". For myself, I prefer to direct my values and observations to a more sophisticated audience. The Yahoo board is my idea of a social experiment and the results, so far, have proven to exceed my wildest predicitions. The dumbing down of America is in full swing - I suggest enrolling in Mandarin language school. It is probably too late for most, but do your children a favor.

    • YDM, offers great commentary, You offer little of value.

    • ---------------YDM is a prime example of a General, not a grunt.IMO

      He sees the big picture, and he's funny.


      Yes, for sure, he is hilarious ! All depends on your sense of humor.

    • YDM is a prime example of a General, not a grunt.IMO

      He sees the big picture, and he's funny.


    • cynical Tom.
      grunts rule

    • -------------I find that aviators have this problem, they fly over terrain and never engage in hand to hand with the rest of the grunts-----------------

      Yes, but we get the big, overall picture. Grunts have tunnel vision, which is just as well; why confuse them with information over load. It would impair their primary function. The military, for all its faults, does one thing very well. It separates the troops according to ability to win the battle. Grunts are grunts for very defined reasons and YDM is a prime example.

    • It's a real question, and it's been asked before. Miller has some real problems, I already know his sympathies--it's background to see where it came from.

      We know Mel Gibson's duality on the issue is borne of his relationship with his father. It's a good question to ask.

    • jimbodog02 Aug 12, 2012 2:27 PM Flag

      Are you for real??

    • Aside from the minor quibble, that the action is FASCIST not Marxist, the failure to hold a financial institution liable for commandeering private funds to use its speculative ventures, by the very watchdog in charge those issues, is a final straw that is once again, above joesixpac's memory banks. With half the population unaware of the name of the Vice President, and George Carlin gone but for old youtube videos, there is nobody left to even slap the unwashed silly into recognition that their money, heretofore unconmingled with speculative funds, just got swiped as neatly as Congress stealing Social Security dollars to pay for the general budget.

      Not only is the last vestige of separation of bank and speculative agency wiped from the books FDR's administration carefully wrote to safeguard us all, the organization that should be screaming is SIPC and FDIC already bankrupt. The idea, they'll just print the money if we make bad bets in the market, opens the door to not only bad bets, but bad bets with other people's money, with no other recourse than to rape Joe if the deals and speculations go south.

      The world ends not with a bang but a whimper. Unemployment will not improve because it is too hard and employers enjoy the advantage. We call slavery productivity, wrap working forever and never retiring into a new "ethic", and we've the New World Order.

      Carlin said it best. The 1% have it all, the middle class does all the work, pays all the taxes, does the chittier and chittier jobs for little pay and the end of overtime (pay), their coming for your Social Security, they want it back, to give to to their banker friends and Congressmen and Senators, they got the judges in their back pockets, and now the money you deposit in their institutions can be cheerfully conmingled with their own in any wild assed speculation they want without any recourse of you to get your money--leaving it to Bennie to print it the moment the Monopoly Game ends, the musical chair music stops, and the world crashes again.

      When there is no financial penalty for failure, no pain for a wrong decision, no place to go for your money when they screw with it and lose, yourdeadmeat69 times over.

      The only place you can put your money still, is in SIPC places like Scottrade and Etrade, which don't use your money as a trading platform to date. They don't trade your money --yet, altho they sweep uninvested funds allegedly into money market instruments.

      I urge you all to write not only Congressmen about the current injustice, but to each digital investment house like Scottrade and Etrade, and tell them they should have an option to opt out of investment even in money market activity to pay interest on uninvested dollars, to protect the cash from third party shenanigans, for which they'll just throw up their hands if the money is lost and commandeered.

      One of the problems, with even Carlin, is that the laughter helped you expiate the outrage. It funneled energy away from the problem into its absurdity and away from its malevolence.

      This one makes the loss of Glas Steigel look like a joke.


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      • -------------------I urge you all to write not only Congressmen about the current injustice-----------

        Yes, by all means write your congressmen. Why not just sit in a circle and play paddy-cake; it will accomplish the same thing and you save the postage. Smart people don't get involved in mass hysteria but work behind the scene and circumvent all the peasant solutions. If you think that the 1% have an unfair advantage, why not join the 1%? No invitation required. If you are in the 50's or older, you should have a substantial nest egg; if not, you screwed up. After all, you had plenty of time and opportunities to acquire wealth. Poor ? You better hope the Obama clown gets re-elected. If he does, I'm out of here; not willing to share my goodies with Joe-six-pack.

      • You are still using the quite dubious linear political spectrum. Discard it; it doesn't relate to reality. Never has. Never will.

        If complete totalitarianism is located at midnight on an analog clock face, does it matter if you are approaching from positions close to 11 or 1? That is the situation here. And frankly it doesn't matter.

      • tulsadevlin Aug 11, 2012 1:39 PM Flag

        YDM, Carlin was great, I miss him also.

        Which reminds me...

        A day without humor ( laughter) IS A DAY WASTED.

        I can only hope we get the last laugh on the banksters.

      • “…The 1% have it all, the middle class does all the work, pays all the taxes, does the chittier and chittier jobs for little pay and the end of overtime (pay), their coming for your Social Security, they want it back, to give to their banker friends and Congressmen and Senators…”

        Obviously you don’t listen to Lush Bimbow, the banksters’ friend. (They’ve been forced to conduct their business in ways that are against the public interest. The Devil made them do it, and these captains of high finance have no option but to comply. Lush’s ditto-heads nod in agreement, having been carefully selected by Snerdly, the gate-keeper.)

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