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    • Won't work. It would still leave a huge backdoor to those that would pollute the money for gain.

      There is enough gold. It's all about at the level at which it is valued...and causing governments worldwide to spend it, not worthless paper, back into circulation.

    • The article you’ve linked to has many inaccuracies. It is recommended that any who read it download the FREE book by G. Edward Griffin titled, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” (electronically searchable). The link for this was previously supplied from this screen name, or you can find it with your browser on the Internet as a FREE download. No one has any excuse any longer to be ignorant of the many truths within that clarifies the deceitful motives of central banks that has been their modus operandi because of what has been clearly described and so easily understood within this book.

      For example, one of the statements within the supplied link says that there is not enough gold in the world to return to a gold standard. Just like any other salable item, its value is based on supply and demand. That being the case its exchange value will seek free market levels, and will then be exchangeable (under a gold standard) for anything else considered to be a fair exchange. Further, when real currency circulates only a fraction of it is required to satisfy adequate volume as an exchange medium because whatever transaction lands it into other hands makes it is available to the new holder. Further, volume will increase according to demand as well. Mathematically, this is complex to analyze, but intuitively it should be obvious. Only hoarding would create volatility, which is true of any exchange medium, including fiat.

      So believe very little of what is stated at the supplied link, as it seems to be written by central bank apologists that oppose a gold standard that would compete with their fraudulent funny counterfeit monopoly money. It’s uncertain why anyone interested in a company like SLW would post an article like this that is clearly deceitful, because many who read it will be unable to notice the attempt to front untrue claims.

    • I nominate Ron Paul to be on the committee.

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      • I despise both parties except for Paul. This committee is a sop to Paul, and fits in with Ryan's poor man Ron Paul stance same issue. Google hulu and Paul Ryan in a late 2010 interview where Ryan advises the entire Congress is "worried" about the disappearing dollar. The entire Congress has a 9% approval rating and they're worried about their own hides, but let's digress and figure $30,000 a year has more at stake--survival in about ten years, than $300,000,000--but the latter is who owns the US, and they'd like their money not to do a real estate plunge to zilch. Considering they are 40 years too late, we may have to be careful what we wish for.

        The common issue is fiat currency issue affects rich and poor, everyone who is not scrounging garbage cans for food.

        Certainly the Fed's "control" of inflation has been a mockery--the dollar's value flushed down the toilet in 40 short post Nixon years.

        The issue is, what will this committee's resurgance (it was tried during the Reagan era) do to the POG Monday morning.

        My answer will not win friends, --we'll get more pops and retest $1900--then the committee will wag its head or fail the election, and gold and silver will crash as a result.

        If the Committee survives bipartisan after the election, it has to push its agenda, win, make the decision the law of the land, and we need to convert back to a silver and gold standard.

        What we really need as a nation, not investors in silver and gold, but as a nation, is money that is represented by ALL commodities instead of just one or two favorites. Silver and gold, platinum, palladium, sugar, corn wheat, soybeans etc.

        Make money, a proxy for all things. How can it go up or down, if it is what is was intended to be, a proxy, and not just what Uncle tells you.

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