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    • Gary North appears to either be ignorant of Obama' relationship to Frank Marshall Davis (a card carrying Communist) as Obama's real father, or he is dismissive of this discovery by Joel Gilbert.

    • America would be a much better place if ALL the people voted their conscience instead of supporting the individual they think will possibly win. It is this second mindset that has gotten us into the situation we're in.

    • As usual we have someone who conflates the European definitiion of far right and far left with the United states political system. It's ok, it is a very common mistake.

    • The vote counting will take place outside of America.
      Just keeping it fair by a George Soros company. From this point in time, things will be played out in a truthy manor. "It's not your vote that counts, instead it's who counts the votes."
      America has been taken over. Get over normalcy bias. This isn't your granddaddy's country anymore.

      The 40 cal hollow points are ready. 1.4 billion rounds. Check.
      106 Federal agencies approved by the FAA to fly drones over the USSA. Check.
      FEMA Camps and reeducation centers ready. Check.
      Get circuit court legislation approved to take client money from pension plans and retirement accounts. Check.

      Now remember folks, go vote? Your vote can make a difference. And remember, do get your flu shot
      this season.

    • People are beginning to wake up to the fact that the fascists have been leading this country to the right not left. Only the brainwashed are still buying that line that the fascist Obama is of the left. He is further to the right than Romney. Fascism = Corporatism per Mussolini. Corporations are not citizens so we have to take away their power.

    • Original poster:

      Was that link you provided supposed to convince someone this race was lost for the republicans? You would have done better linking to the latest NYT/Wallstreet journal poll that OVERSAMPLED democrats by 11%. LOL!

    • Yup. I have been blasted before for saying this, but the Dems will not win the election, it's the Republicans to lose. Both parties however, have ruled out helping the middle 70%, the backbone of the country.

      One party tells you what to do, because they think everyone needs to be controlled, and the other party tells you what to do, dealing from the power base of employers and banks.

      The common thread--tells you what to do, leaves a shadow of the democracy we were supposed to have, and tosses us somewhere between the robber baron governments of the nineteenth century, and the socialism of the 20th.

      For those buried in day to day survival, I find that it is better they don't think about such things lest they go mad.

      For those who have to watch this train wreck in motion, and are not driven mad, my salutations.

      It's a madhouse in which the inmates haven't taken over from the doctors and nurses.

      There are, no doctors and nurses left.

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      • Bump, Bump…

        “…It's a madhouse in which the inmates haven't taken over from the doctors and nurses.
        There are, no doctors and nurses left. …”

        Now that’s a statement exuding from the minds of the naïve, if you think these “doctors” and “nurses” adhere to the Hippocratic Oath. Please see any of the works of Dr. Thomas S. Szasz and you will understand that “madhouses” are really control mechanisms (not unlike the Soviet gulags) created (mostly) to see to it that the freedom of speech, stated in the First Amendment to the US Constitution, only applies when it doesn’t go against the bankster guided agenda. The FEMA camps, described in many Internet exposes, are in fact the “madhouses” you refer to, should ever the SHTF. Maybe that explains the negative ratings to your post. We can only hope so.

      • Best post of the year...

      • Let's just stretch a minute and assume what you claim about both sides is true. Now, which one would you choose if you were forced to at gunpoint to choose one?

        Me? I'm glad you asked. Well I would still want to live in a society where I had the chance to become one of those evil rich capitalists as opposed to knowing my hand was going to be held throughout my life like Julia and allowed to have the "equal" sharing of misery.

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