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  • dalerobin777 dalerobin777 Sep 6, 2012 3:11 PM Flag

    Yahoo boards

    Wish they would quit monkying around with the formats.. I get used to one and then they change it all around. They should go back to how it was a few years ago. This latest one sucks. If it aint broke dont fix it.

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    • Do you remember the stories about how those who owned slaves would not allow them to read or write, because they might get unwanted ideas on how to free themselves?

      It was the same thing with women long ago when it was frowned upon if they were to become literate.

      We are coming into election season. We wouldn’t want people to become too informed by message boards visited billions of times a day by the unwashed masses, now would we? Ask yourself if it’s a coincidence that Yahoo picked this point in time to inflict major destruction on message boards participated in by millions from many countries.

      What to you appears to be incompetence is in reality a strategy to cover up major information pipelines. It does, however, point to the power of the Internet to inform in ways that the “elite” disapprove of.

      That being a given, don’t anyone expose their naïveté that these changes are an effort to improve Yahoo message boards when it is so obvious it is anything but.

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      • Yes, the first thing to do in a divide and conquer sceem is to confuse people. The disruption to the yahoo board format has confused a lot of people. The confusion gets them to "crawl back into their shell".

        Also, not being able to post links is also a form of censorship IMO. It has thwarted my freedom of expression and slowed information flow on these boards dramatically.

        I just feel lucky for the information I was able to gather here and positions I have built because of information passed on with the old format.

        I see the fog of war on the horizon, and information holds a premium in that theater.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • They also seem to have changed yahoo home page layout for the worse, and new way of showing portfolios now useless.
      Anyone know how I can get old versions back?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Your portfolio still exists. You need to select the finance tab and re-personalize the page. It is still available, just further away. You can also put the finance button on your toolbar and pull down your portfolio at Yahoo. Good luck.

      • As I look at the message boards it reminds me of the what companies we're doing in China in order to get the advertising dollars. First media in the US consumed TV and radio now the Internet will have a new face.
        I suggest people leave Yahoo and integrate into the new media, like zerohedge, don't tread on me, sgtreport, to name a few.

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