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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Sep 7, 2012 9:00 AM Flag

    Another 1.65% in the SLV/SLW world, another 1.65% the NASDAQ.

    It's bubblicious but it's there for the grabbing.

    Jump on it. You're going to see manufactured numbers drive the market north into the late Oct buying season early this year, brought to you by Bennie and the Jets, and a willing series of fabricated growth numbers that will fool no one, but will be followed as if they were sense.

    Follow that shark as long as the music plays from the govt--when the music stops will be the first quarter irate pop about 20% higher in the housing index. Methinks those pops will start end of 2018 not 2014, and will be announced as a series of 1/4% every quarter on a preannounced prearranged schedule so as not to roil the markets with uncertainty.

    Up front, the QE III will be bond buying until ....coupled with a charge for parking reserve at the Fed--not a dividend, to get the banks to lend to joehomeowner.

    Here goes nothing.

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    • The market barely moved, but yesterday's gains held. Looks like good news about the unemployment numbers is bad news because it augers against stimulatum. The silver hounds are not having any of it, they "know" that the Fed is out there warming up the helicopter.

      Well I hope the buzz isn't just a muffler that fell off a '50 Studebaker Commander. Time to kick back and count the winning.

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