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  • stkzmsmz23 stkzmsmz23 Sep 7, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    Greater than or less than symbols

    longpicker noted that copying and pasting doesn't work. I can copy and paste ok, but if you use the greater than or less than symbols everything after them disappears after you post. I am going to put in the

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    • TEST... this is only a TEST.... I copied multiple message to see what all the fuzz is about?
      Test....... here it goes..... test.....test......

      Any one else notice that it is now not possible to copy text from the board anymore??
      This has all got to have been done on purpose!
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      Re: Re: Re: Agenda 21: destruction of the middle class

      By tommiller_25.12 hours ago.PermalinkGo to topic
      Censorship ??? You pay nothing to post, the board belongs to Yahoo and they may delete any post for any reason without having to justify their actions to you or anyone else. Can you grasp that concept ? Probably not.

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    • Yep, don't use greater than or less than symbols in reply boxes :) Yahoo, you guys are a bunch of clowns. Return the old board please

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