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  • cmegladon cmegladon Sep 11, 2012 6:49 PM Flag

    Benny and the Jets

    That's Netanyahu.Oh, THAT Benny. He's getting personal now. A moral dilemma between he and Bam Bam. So that's one for the jets.
    Then, there's the other Benny. If you think he's gonna go to shul next week and think about what he should have done, you're nuts!Let it be written into the book, he's not waiting.
    He's hearing Hollande calling out for foodstocks to be built up for the coming riots he fears in the outskirts of Paris.
    The coming depression in Germany.
    Who wants to be the one guy (or gal) fugging up the supply chain.
    There's enough risk out there with mother nature and geopolitics.
    Nope.He wan't be hitting his chest over this.
    QE is gonna be let loose with just enough gusto to feed the markets the juice it needs to sustain your bank account.....I mean brokerage account.
    By the way, anyone else find it odd they want you to invest in the markets by keeping irates low and get the wealth effect BUT when they speak of privatizing Social Security and allowing folks to invest in the markets, that FORBIDDEN territory?
    Dumb and dumber.
    Know what to do?
    I got gold and I got silver. I got miners and hope the markets keep rolling.
    That's the way it works.

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    • And by the way once again......Bill Gross. Now he's not only drinkin the coolaid, he's becoming a gold #$%$
      Gold, a better investment than stocks& BONDS???!!!???!!!???!!!Bill Gross???!!!???!!!

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      • The national debt is growing at $1.5 trillion per year. Ultra-low interest rates MUST be maintained to prevent the debt from overwhelming the government budget. Near-zero rates also need to be maintained because even a moderate rise would cause multi-trillion dollar derivative losses for the banks, and would remove the banks' chief income stream, the arbitrage afforded by borrowing at 0% and investing at higher rates.

        The low rates are maintained by interest rate swaps, called by Willie a "derivative tool which controls the bond market in a devious artificial manner." How they control it is complicated, and is explored in detail in the Willie piece here and Kirby piece here.

        Kirby contends that the only organization large enough to act as counterparty to some of these trades is the U.S. Treasury itself. He suspects the Treasury's Exchange Stabilization Fund, a covert entity without oversight and accountable to no one. Kirby also notes that if publicly-traded companies (including JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs (GS), and Morgan Stanley (MS)) are deemed to be integral to U.S. national security (meaning protecting the integrity of the dollar), they can legally be excused from reporting their true financial condition. They are allowed to keep two sets of books.

        Interest rate swaps are now over 80 percent of the massive derivatives market, and JPMorgan holds about $57.5 trillion of them. Without the protective JPMorgan swaps, interest rates on U.S. debt could follow those of Greece and climb to 30%. CEO Dimon could, then, indeed be "the guy in charge": he could be controlling the lever propping up the whole U.S. financial system.

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