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  • cmegladon cmegladon Sep 12, 2012 9:59 AM Flag

    The reason for "no links allowed" policy

    It has nothing to do with reducing the number of spammers. That's the excuse.
    It is entirely about control of content.
    If they keep this up, thay'll have no contents because we'll go elsewhere.
    The free markets shall reign.

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    • “Ditto”, as far as the way around the restrictions goes. As far as the restrictions are concerned, Yahoo’s message boards are mostly in the minority.

      And it does seem that some screen names have the restrictions, and others do not.

      What kind of a discriminatory policy is that? It certainly does not fall within the TOS, so the “rule makers” are making up the rules as they go and not publishing them. This is a long ongoing issue that hasn’t changed since before new management has come onboard. It speaks loudly to the mindset of a wide variety of business managements that harks back to a country that adopted a disdain for the rule of law that became unchained from the US Constitution when the banksters had their way with control of the monetary system. This gave the banksters control of the government and the way the elite, and all who are in sympathy with them, conduct themselves.

      Don’t anyone lose faith that honest money will ultimately prevail. The banksters are fully aware that the Coinage Act of 1792 may visit its sanctions upon them at some point, so the fight for honest money is far from over. Being able to print money instead of produce it by initially mining PMs is far too lucrative. Nearly all politicians are in on the scam, which is certainly true of the current Presidential frontrunners backed by the interests of the banksters.

      As far as “going elsewhere” to avoid Yahoo’s disdain for its own TOS there need to be more suggestions on what those alternatives are and some descriptions about them so others can #$%$ them for themselves. There certainly is a demand for them.

    • Post your url with the word dot. Cut and paste. Links are there for the asking, don't be so lazy as to expect one click instant go to's.

    • Now they just post their addresses to go to with a paragraph of comment
      so spammers are still spamming

    • What is funny is they are even blocking links within their own domain. These people at Yahoo never fail to demonstrate their complete ineptitude.


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