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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Sep 12, 2012 11:51 AM Flag



    From Powerlineblog. You can see the photos there.

    Official accounts say that those who were in the vehicle with Ambassador Christopher Stevens as they tried to escape from the violence at the American consulate in Benghazi were shot, but that Stevens died of “suffocation.” This may have an ominous significance. Further, news accounts indicate that the ambassador’s body was dragged or paraded through the streets. This photo is said to be of Ambassador Stevens, and it certainly appears to be him. I can’t tell from the photo whether he was dead at this time or not. I hope so.

    This picture is also represented to be of Ambassador Stevens. It is hard to tell; about all one can say is that the shirt appears consistent with the first photograph.

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    • The article says, the Ambassador and others were moved to a separate building and the new location was ratted out to the bad guys, who bombed it thereafter. The source that the cause of death was suffocation is the doctor who treated the victim, who couldn't revive him from smoke inhalation. How the body of the ambassador thereafter got into the hands of the mob and dragged through the streets is murky, but if they stormed the hospital and demanded it, I can see how it "left the building". These bad guys aren't gentlemen.

      The pink visage of the victim in the picture is consistent with asphyxia via smoke inhalation. I don't know where to express my fury first, the idiot that made the movie and flared up the hornet's nest, the idiots who think these hornets can be tamed or redeemed, or the aftermath thereafter.

      I hope I live long enough to see us independent of oil so we can just flush that part of the world into the crapper.

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      • “…I hope I live long enough to see us independent of oil so we can just flush that part of the world into the crapper.”

        Try following the “e-Cat” developments of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). These are controversial, and most alternative energy research has turned out to be a scam.

        Andea Rossi’s e-Cat device was said to be available for home use soon that uses LENR for heating purposes. It is to be soon provided in Home Depot centers. His previous claims were in a couple of months. Typically, when these alternative energies are announced they keep extending the deadlines effectively into the next century. The only difference, if it is to be believed, is that Rossi is using his own money, with no governments involved, to bring his device to market.

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