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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Sep 15, 2012 11:43 PM Flag

    Who cares?

    Who cares if the population in Sudan is starving? Who cares if the population in Sudan is suffering from an AIDS epidemic? Those are not our problems or our burden to carry. They are killing Americans who set foot in their country. Forget them and their problems. Leave them to rot in their own feces. But, maybe they will actually do okay without our "help". And, that's okay! But, in any event, they do not deserve anything more from Americans. FORGET THEM!

    Sorry for the political rant. This is a silver site so let me focus on task.....silver is going to new highs before 1/31/2013! Bernanke has guaranteed it!

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    • ah dude what is in the middle east will make silver and gold go much higher because it leads to War! dj.

    • If you think that is “not our burden to carry”, than you don’t realize that the game is rigged to be sure that we do.

      The following is from, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, by G. Edward Griffin:


      Nowhere is this pattern more blatant than in Africa. Julius
      Nyerere, the dictator of Tanzania, is notorious for his "villagization"
      program in which the army has driven the peasants from
      their land, burned their huts, and loaded them like cattle into trucks
      for relocation into government villages. The purpose is to eliminate
      opposition by bringing everyone into compounds where they can
      be watched and controlled. Meanwhile the economy staggers,
      farms have gone to weed, and hunger is commonplace. YET,
      THAN ANY OTHER NATION.” (emphasis added)

      That is JUST ONE of many examples of how we, the American taxpayers, are forced to underwrite the flushing of our national wealth down the rat holes dug by central banks.

      The point is that no one gives US any choice.

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      • The "villagization" program also helped the likes of BRK in Tanzania. They burned their huts, raped young females, murdered those unwilling to work in mining for almost nothing and loaded the rest like cattle into trucks for relocation into government villages. All for gold. SLW is a business partner with BRK. That does not make us any different than a greedy bank Inc.

        We buy Apple phones made in China so Apple can make a fortune on cheap labor. Our national wealth has been used to fight unfounded wars since WWII to make corporations richer. The rich get richer over blood, sweat and tears.

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