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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Sep 18, 2012 11:25 AM Flag

    short miner / long metals and ..........long miner /short metals

    any of you read any analysis on why this trade is happening? it's clear intraday and I haven't read any analysis in a long time on what the thought is? I know that sometimes the miner price : metal price chart breaks down and up and it's likely in a favorable position to the miner returns, but what are the analysts saying are the fundamental reasons for this?

    It is odd me asking fundamental question, I know, but although I don't trade by it, i like to be informed as to what the market is thinking.

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    • There are no fundamental reasons for these "intraday" trades you speak of. They are technical and couldn't be fundamental in nature.
      Fundamental intraday trading is akin to Jumbo shrimp.

    • There are no fundamentals to support this. Just trading games to keep dollars in play. They move the paper stock up, then take the miner down. Next day take the miner stock up and the paper down. Unlike sectors that for the most part move up as a whole, the boys are still dissecting this one up to try to push extra money their way without losing total price control (which they still have). In the same way, two years ago we watched paper move and miners just stay flat to down (huh?). the only variables to increase/decrease miner perceived value are cost (oil), peace (hostile national takeovers), &safety. Unfortunately Chemaes, these are things that I know a man of your knowledge already knew, but I wanted to really try out this Yahoo message board. FWIW, it stinks....Good trading to you!

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      • this new board is still buggy.

        i wrote a pretty detailed post on a breakdown in silver however short lived it might be, and the post has disappeared. i think it hAD something to do with me trying to post a link of $silver:$xau at stockcharts to explain miner out-performance of the metal.

        catching a correction low will be tricky because buying has been strong.

        watching the dollar index trying to get to 80.10. getting there or past there puts pressure downward on the commo complex. dollar current:79.72

    • Miners often LAG the price of the metals-3-4 weeks..AND there ARE many bad miners now crashing, lower fuel prices help NEXT season. (long SAND/AG).

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