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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Sep 25, 2012 12:51 PM Flag

    Fede Chairman Plosser Sez 25 Sep "Fed Bond Buying? We're IMPOTENT!

    Who says the Fed can't move markets? US sentiment bangs it out of the ballpark, google is on a tear, silver up 3/4%, and low and behold! Fed member Plosser opens his big phuckin mouth and says the bond buying program won't work, the Fed is out of bullets, your mother sucks for a living....

    You get the drift, and in 30 minutes, he's making a fortune on his short positions set up by his Uncle Ferd just minutes before.

    Wait that's not fair, that would ascribe something akin to intelligence to yell fire in the theatre of the marketplace. Can't have any good news outweigh the fictions written by the Fed!

    Everything crashed as a result, and we'll have to wait for the #$%$ moment to subside.

    I would have gladly bought Plosser some Viagra, this didn't need to happen.

    Schlosser-#$%$ you very much!

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    • on FOX news--thereby roiling the markets and scattering the fragile stock recovery in ashes. Do you think he found a friendly forum to make his remarks on Nazi run Faux News? to make the current administration already under attack at the 8.1% unemployment levels--look even worse as his remarks drain the life out of our 401K's and investment accounts?

      I don't mind an impotent Congress, they don't seem to hurt me much, I'm too old to be recalled to fight in Flablunastan. I don't mind them valuing money, I can work around that. I don't mind them abdicating responsibility at the Congressional level, and at the Congressional level being gridlocked they can't even pass an annual budget.

      But when they send the storm troops out from the Fed to sully the effects of the bogus Chairman and end that bubble in the middle of a fire fight out of the doldrums of the market, they crumble the market and lift whatever is left from our pockets, they know have my attention.

      I don't respond well to political terrorism, and my pocket book is closed to the honorable opposition.
      The finanicial manipulation I can understand. Destroying markets for political gain has me in an uproar.

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