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  • kbononi kbononi Sep 27, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

    Silver and Gold rally while the Dollar struggles

    US Dollar can’t stay above the 80 mark without the help from the digidollar creators with a current price of 79.855 down 9.3 points after trading as high as 89.955 in the late night session. Treasuries have reversed with the Eurodollars trading higher, Notes/Bonds moving lower. Energy Sector has turned to trading higher again as we read more and more about fat-finger calamities (so-called) when it’s really the churn from these so-called High-Frequency trading platforms that took something that is illegal into an argument that the governing bodies seem to have considered agreeable, Crude Oil is now up 95 cents with the trade at $90.93 with the rest of the sector moving higher as well. Gold has rebounded since the re-opening of trade last night with the current price at $1,758.30 up $4.80 with a high so far at $1,762.50, Silver is just as impressive with its trade at $34.12 trading 18 cents higher after reaching a high of $34.260 with the entire sector following suite. Grains are showing harvest pressure with the entire sector trading lower, please be aware that regardless how bad the crop conditions are, there is still more grain than there was last month because of the harvest, we expect prices to move sharply higher after the December Grain Report is posted at the end of the year. Softs are mixed to flat with Sugar/Cocoa/Coffee trading higher, Cotton/Orange Juice trading lower, Livestock is mixed as well with Lean Hogs higher, Live/Feeder Cattle moving lower. Paper Markets are attempting to recover from yesterday’s pullback as we watch and wonder if the clashes between the Police and the Population of Spain will ever make it to the borders of the US. Things are falling apart when there is no law enforcement going after the leaders that break laws in blatant fashion. Every single bank that has received newly printed funds should never have been allowed to be bailed out without having some sort of relief for the population (tax-payer) as well. There are no jobs because there is no more spending at the grass roots level. Can you imagine how strong our economy would have been if the original TARP money was used to bail out home-mortgages instead of bailing out the derivatives mess? We have one more day of trading before the end of this 3rd quarter, then we enter the final quarter for the year which might prove to be the barn burner for precious metals …… Stay Long and Strong

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    • sorry for the duplicates they ruined our message boards....this post is from Fort Wealth I read his posts everyday, he is someone with more trading experience than CNBC, thus makes realistic comments, well beyond CNBC....

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