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  • maquanpond maquanpond Sep 28, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

    Anyone have info on CFTC Cease & Desist Order to JPM?

    Anyone have a link to this CFTC order?

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    • Do you really think that is relevant?

      Footnote from: “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin:

      “1. That is not hyperbole. All fiat money is counterfeit. Furthermore, there is
      evidence that the CIA and the DEA have been deeply involved in the smuggling of
      illicit drugs. The money derived from those drugs was apparently laundered
      through Panamanian branches of U.S. banks and used to finance covert operations
      in Nicaragua and elsewhere. Virtually all governments have been involved in
      activities that would be criminal offenses if committed by ordinary citizens.”

      In case you haven’t noticed recently, the USA is no longer governed by the “rule of law”.

      The following is another quote from the same book:

      “And so we find that, in The New World Order, inflation has
      been institutionalized at a "modest" level of five per cent. Once in
      every five or six generations-as prices climb higher and higher-a
      new monetary unit can be issued to replace the old in order to
      eliminate some of the zeros. But no one will live long enough to
      experience more than one devaluation. Each generation is unconcerned
      about the loss of the previous one. Young people come into
      the process without realizing it is circular instead of linear. They
      cannot comprehend the total because they were not alive at the
      beginning and will not be alive at the end. In fact, there need not
      even be an end. The process can be continued forever.
      By this mechanism-and with the output of work battalionsgovernment
      can operate entirely without taxes. The lifetime output
      of every human being is at its disposal. Workers are allowed a color
      TV, state-subsidized alcohol and recreational drugs, and violent
      sports to amuse them, but they have no other options. They cannot
      escape their class. Society is divided into the rulers and the ruled,
      with an administrative bureaucracy in between. Privilege is now
      largely a right of birth. The worker class and even most of the
      administrators serve masters whom they do not know by name.
      But serve they do. Their new lords are the monetary and political
      scientists who created and who now control The New World
      Order. All of mankind is in a condition of high-tech feudalism.”

      Notice the reference to “drugs” above, in case you thought it is of any concern to those that might regulate JP Morgan’s money laundering. They never pursued it in the case of HBSC. Why would it matter now?

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