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  • cmegladon cmegladon Oct 1, 2012 11:16 AM Flag

    Fed has a juggling act.

    For a moment, imagine there's no smoke and mirrors.
    Analysts reduce expectations and earnings are coming in "eh" now.
    Unemployment is either 15%-16% if you count those rolling off, or 8.1% just using Govt. numbers.
    Fuel for your auto and home are at near historicly high prices.
    Food and clothing are at historically high prices.
    Mass transit is at historically high prices.
    Bridge & Tunnel tolls are at historically high prices.
    Our dollar buys less than it ever did.
    So by real measure, we have achieved the ultimate destruction to any Economy-----STAGFLATION
    No one will admit it.
    And things are just starting to get worse.
    But they won't admit it and no one wants to admit it under their watch.

    So the Fed prints monopoly money.
    Maybe 10% of the country takes advantage of it one way or another by refinancing, investing with the Feds mandate of stay away from Bonds and get into the market.
    Get into the market? Ya mean that market that's supposed to be a barometer of economic conditions ahead of us AND a meaurement of the financial climate among the companies that make up our stock indexes. Those same indexes that are being manipulated to match the success the CME deems appropriate?Remember, the CME OWNS the DOW. They determine the makeup of the index.
    (Just another way they can manipulate things)
    But one ugly data point that could brinbg the whole house of cards down is OIL.
    The tipping point is $100 crude.
    The economy cannot withstand 3 months of $100 oil. That happens and it breaks down.
    The Fed knows it.
    Our enemies know it.
    So there's the jiggle.
    The Fed wants i rates low. It's the juice that feeds the markets for the wealth effect, the one bastion of hope available.
    BUT with a lower dollar and higher markets they also face higher commodity prices.
    And the easiest way to speculate in the commodity markets are in oil.
    I suspect the PPT, or the Swaps experts working the mirrors are feverishily trying to keep oil at under $100.

    In my opinion, that is their juggling act within the juggling act.

    One more thing.
    We aren't the first to try QE.
    BOJ did for a decade. See where that got them?
    I know, I know. It's different here.
    It's the dollar.

    GL all.

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