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  • xraythrives xraythrives Oct 2, 2012 11:42 AM Flag

    Look Out Silver, Here Comes Solar Demand

    I will get much more excited when PV solar is in demand from efficiency increases and time to recoup cost than I will from government subsidy. If can get the efficiency up from 15% to 50% we may be able to start phasing out fossil fuels to some degree.

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    • “I will get much more excited when PV solar is in demand from efficiency increases and time to recoup cost than I will from government subsidy. …”

      You might find the following account of Stanford Ovshinsky to be quite interesting:

      en Wikipedia org/wiki/Stanford_Ovshinsky (replace spaces with a period to access)

      Ovshinsky was a self-taught scientist, who had no formal training, and as such was devoid of the hide-bound strictures of academia. Many of his inventions, including those in the area of solar energy, went against the prevailing attempts to improve PV output by new discoveries in crystalline structures with PV characteristics.

      Ovshinsky, on the other hand, investigated amorphous structures with PV output. He was unable to get any US companies interested in his ideas on photovoltaics. Sharp in Japan introduced his PV cells into hand-held calculators. These cells were produced in a continuous manner, much the way shrink-wrap and similar roll materials are made. There has been no recent follow-up on his company, Energy Conversion Devices which developed NiMH batteries. General Motors was to have built a plant in Ohio to produce NiMH batteries for their early electric vehicle, initially called the Impact (?), which then acquired a name change to the EV-1. All were destroyed when GM recalled the leased vehicles in another government boondoggle to throw taxpayer money into the “green” energy field.

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      • Some of the solar stocks are already up from what may be a multi-decade bottom...or close thereto.

        Take a look at the long term charts and the potential for the future, especially AS they continue to refine and improve their products.

        Japan has resoundingly chosen a solar future, tho will likely use some nuclear in the end...possibly more than expected...due to the high price and low output CURRENTLY still a problem for solar.
        My expectation is that WITH TIME, solar will continue to improve in unsuspected ways and at unsuspected RATES of refinement/improvement.

        Even UK is now taking a stab at solar.

        MANY TYPES OF ENERGIES OF THE FUTURE may well utilize large quantities of silver for obvious reasons, tho some other metals are clearly also on the radar of investors for both energy potential and for objective value in this dollar-killing era.

        New investors in silver should check out the list of uses for silver by performing THOROUGH internet searches. The Silver Institute also has a significant list.

        I'm a silver lover (from the time it was trading around $5) based not ONLY on the many uses, but
        also on the investment value, since it will likely do ssssooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!! much better than gold over time. (See silver/gold ratio.)

        Someone (actually many in recent years) recently asked me what to do about the horrendous ecomonic situation we are in and are HEADING INTO or may be FALLING into/over (the cliff). Besides prayer and the obvious immediate necessities, one might as (as a possible response for their consideration)...

        'Got silver?'

        Peace Energy Silver

        Agape ~

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