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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Oct 3, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    Bill Gross,the PIMCO Bond King says GOLD and REAL ASSETS is the place to be

    Now that Ron Paul is basically out of the running (if, in fact, he ever was even seriously pursuing the presidency and now I have major doubts about that) Gary Johnson would be a 'workable' choice.

    There are some serious issues I have with him. Namely, his stand on the so-called FairTax (sic). It is as though he's never been schooled on what the money extracted from the people under threat of violence even goes for; no one has made him aware that running a constitutionally oriented government is not the purpose. He apparently is entirely unaware of the Grace Commission report.

    We differ on some social issues, too, but they pale in comparison to dealing with what I think is the greatest problem we face—the debt based money That said, though, he is the only remaining voice that wants to gut the federal reserve system.

    Restoring true liberty, once the tumorous governments at all levels are reduced by financial deprivation that once existed in America, will be rather easy. As before, they will simply lack the funds to be as intrusive as they have become armed with the printing press and its products.

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      What hopefully sticks in most peoples minds who know who Gary Johnson is was how he restored New Mexico’s state government to become fiscally sound. New Mexico was being run into the ground financially by former Governor Bruce King. According to reports Johnson’s success in turning around the New Mexico State Government finances was by vetoing most of the spending bills that came before him. This seems totally absent from what is going on in the Federal Government. The current crop of politicians in Washington, DC, seem to never dislike a spending bill that comes before them. A POTUS that is willing to put a stop to that with the veto power would be a big step in the right direction.

      According to Wikipedia, the following is an overall description of the Fair Tax:

      “The FairTax is a tax reform proposal for the federal government of the United States that would replace all federal income taxes (including the alternative minimum tax, corporate income taxes, and capital gains taxes), payroll taxes (including Social Security and Medicare taxes), gift taxes, and estate taxes with a single broad national consumption tax on retail sales.”

      This does seem relatively “fair” in relation to what we now have. It gives the right to consumers to decide whether they want to buy something, for which they will also be taxed, so they are at that point accepting whether or not they wish to also pay the tax. The only problem with this, in the future, might be that the politicians could be swayed to reintroduce the income tax again as well. But we can’t rely on the current public school educated population to oppose socialist schemes of wealth redistribution, which is what the income tax has become.

      Johnson’s stand on the Federal Reserve is quite weak, and his reported views on the issue seem to make it unlikely he wants to “gut” the Federal Reserve System. Unlike Ron Paul, for example, he just wants to rein it in with audits and make its operations transparent. So he is no Andrew Jackson on that issue. But that is a world of difference between the major candidates, Obummer and Rummy, who don’t want to have anything public to say on the subject. Johnson, therefore, seems not to understand the difference between fiat money and specie. That has to be taken at face value and our real choice, Ron Paul, has been destroyed by a media captured by bankster interests. It is really impossible, currently, for candidates such as Ron Paul to be direct on their stance on the Federal Reserve and prevail in an election. So it is a little unfair to characterize him as not being sincere as a candidate for POTUS.

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