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  • cmegladon cmegladon Oct 3, 2012 5:41 PM Flag

    What a change in administration means for Precious Metals

    I assume in the coming weeks,there will be a LOT of postings regarding how a Romney/Ryan administration will impact the economy, and here, closer to our hearts, Silver and Gold.
    Right now, the polls have the incumbant ahead by 3-7 points depending on who you believe.
    And of course, there IS the possibility that the polling is WAAAY off, just as it was Carter VS Reagan and just as it was Bush VS Kerry.
    We already have our feeling about a continuation of the current adminitration and their printing, monetizing debt, etc etc and the impact on Gold and Silver.
    But what about Romney?
    Well, first of all, although spending cuts may seem to be "anti-commodities", I think we will see inflation no matter who takes office,so bake that in.
    Wall Street will like someone who seems like he is friendly to business and budget minded, so if wall street applauds,it will likely be good for miners.
    Now here's a kicker to consider; One of names being bantered about on the short list for Secretary of State or senior Finance position in a Romney Cabinet is Robert Zoellick.
    He is one of a few foks who is a proponent of bringing back (in some form or another) a Gold Standard.
    He hasn't clearly articulated how the dollar would be pegged to Gold except he believes it must be pegged.
    In a Romney/Ryan administration, AU and AG aren't dropping.
    And if the annointed one keeps his Pennsylvania Ave address, the printing presses will continue.
    For Metals.......I think it's win/win.
    Figuring out how that works.............

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    • In a world, where pops in silver and gold are dependent on the continued degradation of paper and money, it makes me proud to see so many specie investors arguing against personal gain. The adaptation of silver and gold is like cutting the golden goose open for an extra egglet before the stench of that dead body reminds, there are no more golden inflationary eggs tomorrow. Gold will pop and be pegged at $3500 an ounce (instead of $35) but that is where it stops. Silver will become coinage, but, the silver dollar will be a silver $100.

      See how that works?

    • test test test

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      • Part II

        The thing I learned from this, and this was very much out in the open for everyone to see, is that the leadership of both parties is totally indifferent to the rank and file of their own party members. We particularly saw this at the Republican convention where they had certain programs where they wanted to liberalize rules for future conventions so that it would be more difficult for minority candidates to even be nominated. They already had rules that made it more difficult but they were afraid that Ron Paul was going to meet those requirements so now they want to change the rules to make it even more difficult for anyone to do that. And it was clear that the rank and file members of the convention did not want that but you could tell by the way the voting was run they didn't care what the vote was. They called for a voice vote, yay or nay, and it sounded even. You saw it on television. A huge block shouted yea, a huge block shouted nay yet the chairman said, 'That's it,' deems that the yeas have it and they went on to the next issue.

      • Part 1

        For your interest, the following is what Yahoo considers a “Delete” category:

        Topic: What about Ron Paul?

        In an interview G. Edward Griffin had this to say:

        G. Edward Griffin: Well, what were we taught? I think on the positive side we learned from the Ron Paul campaign that the spirit of liberty is not dead; in fact, it's alive and well. We saw a continuation of his growth of real commitment to the principles of liberty in the form of this growing movement behind Ron Paul in the face of strong opposition from the media, academia and the political parties themselves. It told me that the potential is there so I am greatly encouraged by that.

    • We'll see if the following posts, broken up into parts equivalent in size to current messages. If you don't see anything in this topic from this screen name it means Huyuu is up to their dirty non-TOS tricks again.

    • Whoever wins also has the baby boomers. If difficult decisions are not made the market will make them.

    • The reality of the situation is that it really won't mean much difference at all whether the blue or red wing of the Vulture party is the one in the Whitehouse. Romney and Obama, having both been vetted by the gangbanksters, will continue to dance at the end of those strings. And since they have no tools available to them save inflating and thus maintaining the status quo, sharp 4th graders (maybe not the American ones) will easily see the handwriting on the wall.

      The real issue is: Just how long can we hang with equities like SLW and not get caught in the huge downdraft that lurks somewhere in the future when that unknown critical mass recognizes that if you ain't holding it, it has no value. Hmmmmmm???

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      • Your statement echos several on this board;
        "The real issue is: Just how long can we hang with equities like SLW and not get caught in the huge downdraft that lurks somewhere in the future when that unknown critical mass recognizes that if you ain't holding it, it has no value. Hmmmmmm???"

        That is what I tackle with weekly.
        I continue to acquire physical, but miners are a part of the fiat system. Huge money was madeand potential for additional huge upside BUT, we are all contemplating when the mighty market gets kicked. Yes, potentially, we'll see PMs up and equities including miners down.
        Could be months, could be years.
        Meanwhile, let the games continue!
        We want Robert Zoellick in the administration.

    • If Romney is elected...we'll still have $16T+ in debt...we'll still run large deficits (even if they're less than $1T+)...we'll still have $200T+ in unfunded liabilities...we'll still have uncontrolled health care costs...etc. The cake is baked for the U.S. and not Romney nor Obama can much do anything about it except continue to inflate/devalue. If we raise interest rates (a la Volcker), we'll throw this economy into such a tailspin that there would be riots in the streets (not to mention that the interest on the debt would be crushing in itself). So...I'm sticking with metals and commodities for the long term. But then, what do I know.

    • i would think Romney winning the debate would cause the market to now price in that Romney has a better chance of winning.

      A Romney winning means an end to Bernanke (I believe that's what Romney said, he'd get rid of him). It should mean that the US will be better be able to knock down their debt which should mean a stronger dollar. they'll price it all in by this afternoon, we'll know one way or the other

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      • When/if they dump the Bernank, it will have all the same impact as new drapes in the Oval office. His replacement can only be chosen from a list decided upon by the gangbanksters—you gotta pick one of their guys. The problem is systemic and only a hugely cathartic event can change the direction this country is headed.

        To pontificate on the pluses and minuses of one Marxist versus the other and how things will be, while perhaps entertaining, will not change the end game scenario...and it ain't pretty.

      • i forgot that, no more bernanke means the appointment of someone who is "QE to infinity" averse. This should make the dollar stronger and all commodities weaker. gold and silver would suffer too. At least until the next debate. I'm sure the fund folks are sitting around their strategy meetings this morning and discussing this very idea and how to price it into the market.

        but what do I know, I'm a dumb canadian

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