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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Oct 9, 2012 1:11 AM Flag

    Did Obama take the high ground at the debates, or did he just let Romney blather?

    Romney stuck his foot in his mouth by dismissing the 47% on Social Security, and government "handouts", while sitting on his own butt collecting $15,000,000 a year in dividends and thinking "that's work". So why didn't Obama take the argument to the 47% level?

    Because the time to get on Mitt's case is not debate No 1. It's the debates closest to the election. I wonder if Biden will be chided to keep a civil tongue in his head for just that reason--to back off until the last of the debates and then, a lever flip away, do the all Americans bit.

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    • You are over thinking the debate. It's as simple as a self made millionaire capitalist who can think on his feet going against a socialist product of affirmative action without his teleprompter.

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    • Uh, hm, So Selling calls against stock you own is work?
      So the money I invested when I didn't see my wife or kids for weeks at a time and now provides a return is a handout?
      You should know better than to go there.
      Instead of taking the low road, may I suggest you continue to post about things you sound smart about.
      Leave your social angst in the toilet and instead of complaining about how someone made money,take your money and send it to the folks applying for Pell Grants.
      Then, someday they may design a new yehaw message board that works.
      Or,at least be able to read it.

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      • Never claimed the intellectual work attendant writing covered call options against stock is the same as manning a pitchfork, but I'll put my four decades of service to the military service against anything anyone here has to offer, and that includes Mitt Robme, whose five sons never saw anything but a Boy Scout uniform, and Oblamer, who was running whatever in Chi town. Sixteen hour days in a button down suit just don't impress me like 16 hours wearing camouflage in the old country or the Middle East, cutting back to the tent to take some AF or CLEP courses to beef up my MBA. Got that damn gun oil all over my textbook too.

        I could be wrong. Never claimed office or the identification with the masses, which as you imply, make great Soylent Green patties, if tough to swallow.

        My only candidate was Ron Paul, who didn't make the cut.

        I was just talking to tactics by Oblamer. As far as I am concerned, the only thing either can do is reel in spending, since tax rates are the most favorable in the world here in the US, and business is not responding by hiring under a carrot only scenario--back in the day, we had the stick of 70% marginal tax rates, and folks got hired because they might do better by a co than giving Uncle more than 2/3rds the next marginal dime.

        Sometimes all pleasure and no pain makes jack b business, a complacent spoiled boy. As the most famous man in the world said: "I don't always drink de Kool Aid of borrow and spend, but when I'm faced with two idiots and no reprieve, and de same spend spend spend of other pipples monyah? I pick

        Dos Shmuckies."

        Stay deaf dumb and blind, my friend.

      • you guys are funny! debate is over, Obama did poorly and not by design, he is a good speaker, not debater, yep he needs the teleprompter...I expect Ryan to do well too, he loves arguing!!

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      • as for myself prefer taking a "why give a chit pill"

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      • methinks you missed his point, which was that Obama left untouched several wide-open opportunities to attack - did he do that intentionally, keeping dry powder, or was he just asleep?

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