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  • videoctr videoctr Oct 14, 2012 9:56 AM Flag

    What it seems like to me: One big monopoly game and the bully is at the table

    He's losing and is about to upend the board and scatter the pieces, all options have been exhausted, and he feels cornered. He will enjoy the act of flipping the board, "order out of chaos"

    He's cheated enough with influence, created an imbalance of power by enacting executive orders, robbing our freedoms for security, and selling arms to Mexico, allowing banks to launder drug money, debasing the currency, controlling markets by naked short selling, alogo-programmatic trading, interest rate rigging, just to keep the game moving along, round and around. With each cycle everyone is squeezed a little more, Inflation, low employment, lack of confidence by corporations to invest at this time.

    In our case, what will the upending of the board look like? Will it be a false flag strike on the American people and blaming Iran? Then declare it is impossible to fix things now, and so we get a major reset, and the board is put neatly back in place to start again. Only this time, I have a feeling the new game board will never look the same as the old board. I wonder if the new game board will have "NWO-Monopoly" Stamped across the middle in big bold letters?

    If they lose, they change the rules.

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