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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Oct 22, 2012 3:14 AM Flag

    22-26 Oct Economic Calendar: Shaky Reports, Home Sales Comports, Claims Retorts,

    The last debate occurs tonight 22 October, two borrow and spenders no waiting, one for the military that didn't ask for the extra two trillion offered, the other for healthcare nobody elected him to bankrupt us for. Great choices!

    US economic news, you won't hear anything about Europe as the attention span of the world has reached a new Ritalin inspired low. As cream of the crap US economy emerges as the best place to sell needless worthless crap, the futures are up, if silver isn't all over the place.

    Positive spot silver is a one percent turnaround from earlier Sunday night. The US market opens in six hours.

    Do you know where your money is?

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    • Don't forget that BINLADEN said he would cause USA to spend themselves broke.Know your history. You don't send your military to wipe out cockroaches,witnessw Vietnam...history repeats.
      Harry Truman said 'he who does not know his history is doomed to relive it'.

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      • Bin Laden didn't have to do a thing to make America spend itself broke, we have Nixon Reagan and Clinton administration to destroy both the dollar and banking safeguards. You never kill cockroaches with one by one approaches one soldier at a time, you use a bomb to smoke out the entire area, which I call the Truman solution. Nobody will listen to the efficacy of that simple solution, and there are too many vested interests in conducting fist fights house to house in Frakkistan.

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