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  • rokdoc49 rokdoc49 Oct 27, 2012 5:35 PM Flag

    OT Obama's lies & what happens to gold if Obama wins?

    From the Desk of:
    Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

    Dear Peter & Susan,

    The liberal media has crossed the line and now poses a direct threat to the future of our nation.

    Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer called it "journalistic malpractice."

    Revelations from the past day make it plainly clear that Obama and his team knew almost immediately that the Benghazi attack was a coordinated terrorist attack. Even worse, Obama and his team had time and resources to intervene and possibly protect the lives of the four Americans who died.

    That means we know...

    1. Obama and his team FAILED in the days leading up to the crisis and as the crisis was unfolding on 9/11. As a result, our Ambassador and his staff did not get the support and protection they needed.

    2. Obama then MISLED AND LIED about the true nature of the Benghazi terrorist attack. We do not know his motives, but he clearly lied.

    3. The liberal media COVERED UP the lies and still today is refusing to hold Obama accountable

    what happens to price of silver & gold if Obama wins?

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    • I dont think either Obama nor Romney can do anything to divert whats coming and thats massive inflation. Gold & silver will soar. Only hope I can see is a global re-set on debt or better yet a USA default on its bonds like Iceland.. Screw the big banks etc. Id like to see a Romney win plus a Republican control of all of Congress which just might unlock the gridlock. A French style revolution would be nice too.. Whichever Im planning on being MUCH poorer. IMO

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      • look at Ft Wealth's post today, it was interesting as he talks about how gold/silver soared on Reagan's win over Carter pretty much the same cast of characters today with Romney vs Obama...I am not voting my pocketbook as most do...I want a moral society for my children...going Republican all the way. Miners have reported good results and SLW will report well, too bad election is the next day...seems gold will be fine either way since Europe is so messed up and not changing anytime soon...I hear Ireland is next for getting in the bail out line.

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