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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Oct 31, 2012 2:27 PM Flag

    Let's talk exit strategy

    SLW represents my retirement hopes by and large. We have other vehicles, but this one is pulling the train.

    That said, I cannot help but wonder what other minds, those that are solid long players that is, might be thinking insofar as ringing the register.

    Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

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    • Anomaly between silver stocks and physical silver. Physical silver should explode to catch up. Which looks even better for silver stocks, IMO!!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You don't have to sell it ALL. Take a bit off the table.Dangerous to be all-in on any stock.

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      • SLW is not my single holding, but it is the largest position and that's in many respects because of the price appreciation we've enjoyed. I began to build a position around $6 per share.

        I've just turned 60, have very little debt and my health is reasonably good. I'd like to think I could successfully retire in the next 3 or 4 years unless we face catastrophic upheaval (and it may be in the cards) in the very near future, which would bring with it a severe winnowing process not unlike some aspects of Mad Max.

        We live in a quasi-rural area, although our county is considered "metropolitan", some 60 miles away from a metropolitan area.

        That said, would it be more prudent to decrease the SLW position and move into physical assets. After all, if the butt falls out of the world (or just America) will anyone give a shift about a security holding that you may have had the day before the collapse?

    • Back when the Hunt brothers were attempting to corner the silver market it nearly reached $50/oz in early 1980. Then they got the rug pulled out from under them by the Comex, which would only allow sell orders. The Hunt’s made the mistake of making big bets on the paper market. Most are aware of that point in time or lived back then.

      Today is different. There are no Hunt brothers taking part in the silver market. What we have today are governments furiously manipulating the PM markets to save their counterfeit money which is the basis of cartel wealth, meaning those connected to the central banks. Add to that increasing demand for silver and dwindling supplies, at least according to those considered experts. Everyone has to make their own decisions when it comes to investing. SLW could do very well going forward, for those who do not lack patience. But silver investing is not for the faint of heart because it takes some wild gyrations. All of you have nerves of steel, the rest of us, not so much.

      Good luck. Watching all of you posting here with your crystal ball predictions on where SLW is headed is like wondering if Evel Knievel’s proposed Grand Canyon motorcycle jump will happen as planned. It is certain that, given enough time, the daredevils within the mega bank world’s attempts to be the first in history to successfully prevail by forcing all peoples to continue to use their counterfeit money are going to come to an inglorious end at the base of a financial canyon. The only question is when.

      That being said, there was a guy who used to post on this message board. It was about 5 years, which is too long to recall a screen name. He sank all his money, around $17,000 into physical silver at around $10/oz. His comment at the time was, “We’s gonna be rich.” He needs to sell his crystal ball on eBay where it might exceed his current profit.

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      • He's up on the bet ($17K to $52K) and probably sleeps really well knowing that AG is on guard against the value pilferers running the central banks. How do we add that part to the value measurement?

      • The greatest story told about silver is the FED having JPM - the Rothschold family, etc; and other banks to use controls to keep silver and gold in check. They shorted the commie-x but traded PMs and other OTC markets. We all now the story as to why we had a meltdown, why some banks went BK and the reasons why.

        The greatest story never told was between Fidelity and JPM. For Fidelity it was a story for 'the people' and with JPM it was a story of greed in every possible way, as it still is. JPM stole hundreds of major accounts from Fidelity. These were retirement accounts that Fidelity had with large corporations worldwide.

        Fidelity fought back and went to non profits and hospitals for an added source of revenue. At that time following the crash, SLW was under $3 a share and silver was a few bucks higher. Fidelity account managers recommended a 5% allocation (to workers with retirement funds) (that they managed) to be placed in PM select and growth funds which also had exposure to PMs. All it took was for a small amount of investers to agree. Then other funds followed suit.

        As to where we are heading now - read a very good article titled "How High Will Silver Go" by Ryan Jordan, a writer for Financial Sense. I think that his timing is a little off - as well as his high price targets, but his reasoning is sound. In the shorter term silver could take a small hit, but the price of silver someday be be priceless.

    • My plan for both SLW stock, and the metal that I hold is to add to each as I can, and to hold both until I sense that the general public is committed to getting on board an accelerating silver train. At that time I hope to convert those assets to either goods and services, and/or to some different, attractive asset class not yet polluted with herd money.

      That is the plan. . . what actually happens will probably be quite different.


    • I'm no expert, but SLW looks like garbage to me on the investmet scale and is a trading stock only. The only reason they have done well is they did silver sourcing deals years back when silver was very low in price. The mines that did the deals never expected SIlver to go up so high. Eventually, these contracts that are printing money for SLW will expire and then they have nothing. Yes, they did a deal recently, but that is just one. Not like they have a ton of prospects going forward. Long term the company is just a bank making loans really. And is priced off of book value, which is neglible compared to the share price. Paying an above average PE on contracts that were one time windfall deals, is insanity long term. So i would be careful.

    • Do you want your wealth in a trading account floating around in cyberspace somewhere or in a bank earning nothing and still in cyberspace. Mines in physical silver, SLW, and food, lots of food.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • How long until retirement ? Im not holding any stocks now except one connected to precious metals. (SLW ) The rest of the market is built on a house of cards teetering on the brink. Id get a bunch of physical silver coins in non collectibles and hunker down to see how steep the cliff is. Our troops etc now. are in intense training for civil strife.

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    • I have a core holding of BA and I have to trade it to make a damn dime. Best aerospace company on earth and can't get any traction in this market. Also have 2 spec plays that are not doing well, but have huge potential as most do. I do have a solid position in SLW that I hold and a trading block as well. I do believe this is the best PM play and will continue to impress for the next couple of years. This guy Smallwood knows this business and has done a remarkable job. Looking forward to Monday morning.

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      • SLW is one of my best silver holdings. I am holding a block of SLW stock for the long term, but also periodically swing trade some SLW shares. I do the same with a few other silver miners. I'm also holding a pile of silver eagles for the long term. I expect to see silver trade at $200 an ounce witihn the next two years as the world continues to print more fiat paper in record quantities. SS

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Hi Moses.....I have held SLW since $3 and change....I have no exit strategy....until I find something I like better....I will hold my SLW....I think we will see $50-55 on the next swing upward....then I will take another look.....I know thats not much help....but....I don't know a better place for my $$$ than I just sit and watch the movie of our economy unwind....and ignore the EXIT

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      • I have been in SLW for years, but the thing that is really concerning is how this market is reacting even to positive earnings, everything is a sell much uncertainty....hard to keep anything long term, and I will not let my shares get to the 20's again!! I am wondering if SLW earnings will be hit by the recent streaming deal with the additional miner(s) just cant please this market....but without a doubt this is an excellent pick for a long term hold...strong tummy required.

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