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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Nov 4, 2012 12:48 PM Flag

    SLW and ABX MIna Pascua transaction, has hit Criminal proceedings in Chile.

    Chile legal news could not be worse for ABX - SLW - ROYAL GOLD - HSBC - - JPM - OTPF - PF - MF - BANKS - EXCHANGES worldwide.

    Barrick admitted under oath via its Chile subsidiaries to be title less at the MINA PASCUA area of Chile, called by their own defense at Judgment docs, "the areas of greatest geological interest to PASCUA LAMA".

    Out of legal proceedings such a mess of lies and misrepresentations, has landed two and more coming criminal actions.

    Never mind that in Civil actions, it comes clear that LAC sold to ABX salts and nitrates concessions 1978-2012. LAC and Peter Munk, salted MINA PASCUA Chile, inventing LAMA.

    LAMA is a distant target in the deepest lands of Argentina (not necessary to PASCUA mining alone)

    Adding LAMA to PASCUA is the farce and demise of BARRICK.

    They stole the Lopehandia Family client HOMESTAKE, owners of LAMA in business with Mina Pascua owner, Lopehandia, before Barrick took Homestake in hostile takeover.

    As done to Lopehandia and ENAMI CHILE before that when ABX did a hostile takeover of SUTTON RESOURCES now being sold as BARRICK AFRICA

    Discovery in Chile indicates that LAC lost LAC v CORONA in Canada and decided to change names to BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION though in Chile, LAC'S ownership of MINA PASCYUA via San Jose Inc of Cayman Island, still has LAC executives as owners of PASCUA LAMA fraud as ABX.

    ROYAL GOLD royalty with Barrick, contract calls for MINA PASCUA being South of litigation areas.

    SLW contract with Barrick calls for MINA PASCUA (PASCUA LAMA farce) a number of kilometers to the North East of real MINA PASCUA mountain and ore body.

    ABX Chile lawyers call it somewhere in the middle where Lopehandia-MSX areas are 2012, same areas Barrick Chile subsidiaries admitted under oath at a court of law, that they had no title to.

    MINERA NEVADA LIMITADA (Pascua Lama protocol owner) and MINERA NEVADA SpA filed by ABX at 6k NYSE, March 2011 filings as owner of PASCUA LAMA, under oath declared.

    We have no titles, no certified domain and no written Agreements with TESOROS concessions. (MINA PASCUA CHILE areas).

    Dilver Wheaton bought a non deliverable asset from Barrick, SLW was forewarned by a Vancouver Lawyer for Mina Pascua owner.

    SLW + ABX insiders, added a clause of delivery from other mines instead, as done in crime by ABX with other PASCUA clients such as DEUTSCHEBANK AG.

    Show me the first 1000 ounces from MINA PASCUA CHILE insiders of SLW, show the titles SRK indicated you had not in Chile for such transaction to take place.

    Playing mum and ignoring the Legal Tsunami arriving to SLW and ABX shores, does not mean the crimes were not committed.

    In fact, everything as called by this writer, came to pass.

    Contact MSX for evidence and act accordingly, you were swindled by ABX and SLW insiders, that is my educated call.

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