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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 Nov 5, 2012 9:27 AM Flag

    Earnings should have been .20 cents higher

    Derek, allway is actually correct, but for u slong term investors it does not matter. You are just a hack short or basher and can't read a financial statement.

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    • I did not say that the math was incorrect. Timing is everything and this time it was off (If I were as smart as I think I am I would have shorted NFLX the day they raised prices and reitred... timing). That's not to say that SLW isn't one heck of a stock that will most certainly appreciate significantly over the long-term (I've also held and profited from long positions in SLW). They have a fabulous business model and strong management. The same goes for AAPL and look what is happeneing to their stock at the moment. If every stock went up all the time then this game wouldn't be any fun to play. And there is no need for name calling or derogatory statements about my abilities. That's the reason I deleted my FB. A bunch of kids pretending to be adults. FYI... You're speaking to a military veteran so if I learned how to drive around a nuclear-powered submarine and operate complex communication suites, I think I can read a financial statement. One more thing... is it so hard to spell out :"you" instead of "u"? That's my OCD talking.

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