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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Nov 7, 2012 12:30 PM Flag

    Gold & Silver Will Now Soar Upward

    It would have happened the same way under a Romney regime; the two are functionally interchangeable. The Gangbanksters selected the choice for America because they would win regardless of which one America chose. Wake up!!!

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    • Romney wouldn`t keep bring up the debt..with then again with the congress we have thats a uphill battle..Romney wouldn`t keep raiseing taxes to expand the amout of people on gov aid..foodstamps welfare so on..Romney wouldn`t play patty cake with Iran..well now the sheep have put the dictator back in 4 more years..his own words, if congress doesn`t do what i want i will go around them..thats a dictator when you have someone saying that..Obama said that a few months ago..ego , his eyes he is god he knows better how the US should be..yes gold and silver will go up ,but the problem is everything else in the country will go to hell..we can only raise taxes so much..ask Greece about that issue.

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      • My question to you: Which Romney are you talking about?

        The beef with Iran isn't over nuclear weapons. That's just a front. US SECDEF has gone one the record 3 times now saying that we know Iran is NOT working on nuclear weaponry. And a personal friend I have in the nuclear field tells me that if they were they couldn't hide it. The beef, like with most all the previous 'Axis of Evil' enrollees, is that they are threatening dollar hegemony just like Saddam Hussein and Ghaddafi both of which were keen on reestablishing value based money once again.

        The thing that tells me he's another banker flunkie like Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and McCain is he got the nod and the media loving up. He told the questioners that he was happy with the FED, too.

        You are watching entirely too much FOX and doing little research on your own.

      • The Greeks deserve what they got.THEY DID NOT ENFORCE THE INCOME TAX.KINDA OPTIONAL!

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