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  • wingchopper123 wingchopper123 Nov 7, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    It's amazing...

    that this stock can still hang on with it being so over-bought. After reaping many gains from this one over the last 5 years, I can say, I don't know which way it is going to move. It is so overbought and it still moves up even with Silver moving down, the classic inverse play. I'm moving on for some quick money, I'll be back.

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    • Back in the Weimar Republic days, what do you suppose was the reaction of Germans as they watched the rise in real assets, like PMs, versus their currency heading for zero value? Would they have considered PMs to be “overbought”?

      Of course you can go farther back than that to the Roman Empire, or consider the inverse case of the Byzantine Empire, in terms of its medium of exchange that became accepted throughout the civilized world at that time. The Bezant held its value over hundreds of years, even after the end of that period in world history, as a sought after means to exchange goods and services.

      That should be the lesson taken from this election, but instead the pundits don’t wish to go there with any of their arguments as to why the voters didn’t choose so called “conservative” leaders”, anti-union initiatives directed at curbing expenses levied across populations and an overwhelming “no” to more taxes. We are being led, as a people, by those captured by the 1%, who dictate our choices in elections through the control of media outlets fostered by banksters, corporations and union (primarily public employee unions) “money”.

      Why would there be such a deafening silence over the affects of counterfeit money as a means to foster tyranny? The short list would include a mindset dedicated to control of others and unbridled greed with a very large criminal component to garner wealth by ignoring constitutional issues coupled with regulatory agencies captured by upper crust criminals using their ill gotten gains to bribe officialdom.

    • Mark these words, both Silver and Gold will move up BIG in the 6 months. Baton down, appropriately.

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