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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Nov 7, 2012 3:13 PM Flag

    Are they obtuse, or just play acting?

    Listening to the pundits on the “conservative” side speaking of the election results it occurs that they are still unwilling to face up to the obvious reasons for their losses. They (including one Lush Rimbow) are stating that the vote revealed belief in the Christmas Fairy bringing Obama supporters all sorts of free government goodies.

    They are unwilling, even at the risk of civil disorder, to face the fact that the United States has been engaging in monetary fraud, from the standpoint of the US Constitution, since at least 1913.

    It is apparent from this that the blowback from the unwashed masses is to no longer accept declining living standards brought about by loss of monetary value and the increasing fraud in the financial markets brought about by such things as the replacement of the Glass-Steagall Act. This has allowed the mushrooming of derivatives, whose as yet unrealized losses some say are approaching a quadrillion dollars with risk backed by taxpayer “money”.

    The Joe Sixpack crowd has sought refuge in civil service jobs and unions, which would be completely unnecessary if real money, of the US Constitution, was available. But, to repeat, it is becoming apparent that the real gravy train is in the banking, financial and mega-corporate sectors that can manipulate monetary values to their advantage, which is something they could not do prior to the replacement of what we had as real money with the counterfeit (fiat) version. The aforementioned crowd in the walnut paneled offices is more than willing, it would seem, to see the country disintegrate than to correct this massive monetary fraud, which has now grown worldwide with literally no sanctuary within any country to escape it.

    One of the prescient moments during the campaign was when Romney was approached by a group of reporters requesting his stance on ending the Federal Reserve system and its attachment to the US Government. He fled the scene, but not before giving a one-word answer to his questioners. “No” (he would not disband the Fed).

    Obama did say one thing that had the ring of truth in his last debate with Romney (paraphrasing). He felt that those in the 1% crowd were “not playing by the rules”. Unfortunately he didn’t elaborate, and with his Communist leanings it is probably unlikely that if he did he would have pointed at the Fed as the root of the problem, as far as playing by the rules is concerned.

    But this refusal to face the real problem was to be expected, since all through the Presidential race the obvious effort to ignore and diminish the candidacy of Ron Paul was evident to anyone who was paying attention. It was massively blatant on all mass media outlets by the 1 percenters’ media puppets. This despicable avoidance of the realities that will unfold, in terms of civil disorder just to maintain enormous wealth based on the fraudulent concept of counterfeit money, doesn’t seem to have any other outcome currently than civil disorder.

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