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    from Powerlineblog

    General Petraeus has resigned as CIA Director, citing an extramarital affair. "Such behavior," he says, "is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours."

    But the affair apparently took place some time ago. Petraeus says it happened "after 37 years marriage." He has been married for more than 38 years. He became CIA director on June 30, a week before his 37th wedding anniversary.

    Two weeks ago, Petraeus made it clear, in a public statement, that the Benghazi disaster was not on the CIA. Is his departure, three days after the election, related to that statement? Does it have to do with upcoming congressional hearings in which he would have testified as head of the CIA? Or does Petraeus simply not want to work any longer for a president who, quite possibly against Petraeus' urging, declined to come to the aid of our beleaguered staff in Benghazi?

    The kicker, of course, is Petraeus' confession of the extramarital affair. Presumably, he could have resigned without the confession. So why did he offer it?

    Two possible answers come to my mind. First, the confession could have been an attempt to preempt the theory that his resignation is Benghazigate related — it provides an alternative explanation. Second, the confession eliminates the opportunity for others (such as folks in the White House) to try to influence his future conduct, including potential statements and/or testimony about Benghazi (his departure from the CIA doesn't preclude Congress from having him testify).

    Petraeus' statement that the affair took place some time ago tends to support the second answer more than the first. But these aren't the only possible theories.

    In any event, Benghazigate isn't going away, regardless of whether Petraeus' resignation turns out to represent a chapter or just a footnote.

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    • Early on, Obama mentioned a civil army. Now we see our secret service and military falling out of grace. I wonder if temptations are abound in hopes these men fall for it. This would give the smoke screens that Obama needs to push back and grounds that he doesn't feel safe with the current system.

      Where is vetting of these socialites. You can see the wheels spinning, just look at fast and furious. They want the guns, so they start the you know what. BTW we also learned this week that e-mails are so easy now for our government to search through. Remember do not to send shirtless photos, make note of this.

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    • You cannot make this stuff up. The plot thickens. The girl has now hired the lawyer who defended Clinton and the PR firm that helped Michael Vicks. Another general caught sending 30,000 emails to one of the females at the heart of this thing. The FBI agent investigating may have sent a shirtless picture of himself to one of the females. Best of all, they knew about this affair before appointing Petraeus to the CIA. Someone has some explaining.

      Anyone seen those arms on the mistress? Interesting the left never liked Petraeus, but they promote him to the CIA.

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