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  • cmegladon cmegladon Nov 15, 2012 5:49 PM Flag

    Just in case you missed it

    we are in a full fledged bear market. Not a correction.
    Bear market.
    Several of us warned weeks ago.
    And even with the 40B per month, as Germany pulls the rest of EU down, printing by the Fed won't help.
    Demnuts in da gingerbread house think dey have the power and the mandate of you folks that voted for him.
    He doesn't.
    But he doesn't care.
    He will demand more then the repukes want to offer but he can wait. Because, the longer he waits., the more money comes in when taxes go up. And he knows who'll get blamed.
    Chanel Pelosi won't.
    The crying Bonehead will.
    Meanwhile, everyone's 301k will be put into the blender again.
    So watch the credit spreads widen, tighten your belts and just watch the military reality series unfold.
    BTW, when I heard we had a General, an exercise freak and then added Jill Kelly to make a threesome, I thought I was back in the 80s.Then I found out Jill has an extra E in her name......but THEN I found out she has a twin and they are lesbenese....So it got interesting again.
    Anyway,if any enforcers of the law are read'n this, it's all in fun. Don't cut off my Yahoo privleges. Yahoo already does a great job of that unintentionally.
    GL out there.

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