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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Nov 16, 2012 10:13 AM Flag


    ARR at $6.72 is up a dollar from the low of but one trading day past, and I jumped in with both feet.
    At those levels it was yielding over 19% and I haven't seen that number since March of 2009. It's got about a dollar to go, and although today's budget talks won't amount to a hill of beans, the Congress should obey its mandate (groan!) and provide a way ahead, having shot themselves in the foot.

    If Republicans continue to hold the country hostage I don't think you'll ever see a Republican President in your lifetime. And if the Congress when majority Democrats ruled was indecisive and unfocused I don't think you'll see a majority in either House or Senate of Democrats.

    In the meantime, I spent the last two weeks freezing my butt off in NY helping the Mom-ster muck out the old homestead. Talk about hating camping, when the lights went on and the guts of the drowned furnace came out and new parts replaced ($600 cheap thrill) it took 24 hours to raise the temperature in the old homestead to 73 F, and the den, which sits upon a slab, has yet to get over 70--that slab has some drying to do.

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    • Glad you guys suffered minimal damage. My Mom lives on a man made peninsula in the South Baldwin area. The Southern side of the island facing the water took a tremendous hit, and although she lives 600 feet from the sea, she lucked out with only 6 inches of water in her crawl space, den, and garage. There was about $60K worth of damage mostly to personalty.
      South Baldwin, Oceanside, Freeport, Rockville Center were hit really roughly.

      The biggest deal was being stuck without heat and living through those two weeks in a house that averaged 40 degrees. She refused to leave, and I found many people in their 80-'s and 90's didn't. Reminds me of that codger that wouldn't leave Mt. St. Hellens 20 years ago. They've never found him.

      Speaking of things you cannot find, I couldn't find an open hotel or rent a car until you got to Connecticut. If you had no transportation, how you could pick up a car 90 miles away beats me.

      The guy in the house next to my Mom got so much water in his basement it floated the house off its moorings and turned in 5% counterclockwise. There is still mountains of destroyed personalty on the streets of Baldwin Oceanside and Freeport and Rockville center. The govt is bulldozing houses. The destruction was hit or miss on my Mom's block dependent on which way the house faced and of course, its elevation. Line of sight as to how high your particular house was with respect to the water was deceiving. Houses 1500 feet inland were inundated, houses next to them nearly untouched.

      Everyone on the water on the South side of the inlet lost his moorings on the water, and the North side was even worse. Most of the people on the water do not have flood insurance and unless FEMA comes through, they are SOL. Insurance co's where applicable are swamped and don't answer phones. Maybe things will lighten up by week past Thanksgiving.

      The only good news, some are predicting the surge in rebuilding will pop that part of the country out of recession. Where's the money coming from? Stored insurance co coffers and Uncle Ben of course.

      Which brings us back to silver, even if the fiscal cliff has SLW behaving like a stock instead of a silver royalty co.

    • Gotta a daughter in Brooklyn. From her front door rocks thrown hit salt water. Fortunately the elevation meant no home damage, but their vehicles got a salt bath.

      She's told us interesting stories about the gasoline shortage and asked that we buy and ship her two gas cans as they are not available in the greater NYC area.

    • My home in LI is still standing. Not sure why I even came north to be here.
      Not sure how all the trees that fell missed it. My back must house the Steven Spielberg of squirrels,as somehow they directed the trees to land squarely on some fences making it look like a war zone, but in fact, all squirrels seemed to survive. The Weber 3000 GTX Super Duper better than George Forman Grill didn't have such luck.
      A small price to pay.
      LIPA needs to cut down the trees and plant rose bushes.
      Had to trade in my metal detector for a chain saw though.
      When I trade it back in, I know I'll be offered a shovel.
      That's how you trade down.
      Also,installing the Generac connected to the gas line. Not going to deal with this stuff anymore.
      Anyway, the longer they take to come to a solution, the happier I'll be. After all, with higher taxes,maybe they'll bail out the post office. I'm just a hopeless dreamer.
      Also, I'm a believer in shutting down EVERY LIBRARY in the country. What a waste of money.
      GL out there.

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